When is it best to pierce a girl's ears?

I've always done my girl's ears before they were a year old. Some people say around 4-5. Others say 12-13. What do you think? Why did you pierce when you did? What are the...

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Ear piercing for young children

I don't know if this has been on here before but I figured it would be a nice friendly debate. What is your opinion on people who get their young child's ears pierced? If you...

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newborns & ear piercing

My daughter is 2 1/2 months old and I plan on taking her to get her ears pierced tomorrow, but I am nervous about the pain. How long will she be in pain for? I would assume a...


Ear Piercing...Right or wrong?

I had my daughters ears pierced when she was 3 months old. I thought it was the best thing because i had my ears pierced when i was just under a year. I hardly ever wear...

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To pierce her ears or not?

So, Kendra is a December 11th baby, and I really want to have her ears pierced. My fiancee says to wait until she's old enough to ask. Other people say wait until she's about 1...


Ear piercing, circumcision, tattoos etc

There are many who are of the general opinion of "wait until the child is old enough to make the decision for themselves. Well, someone raised an interesting point about that...

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Ear piercing for kids

I am having alot of difficulties deciding on whether or not to get my daughters ears pierced. When is the right time to do it?? Some people tell me that she is too young and...

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ear piercing

when and where can i get my babies ears pierced

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Ear piercing?

So I was in young moms and came across this ear piercing thread. I was kind of amazed to see how many moms get infants ears pierced. I'm curious how you ladies feel would you...

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Ear piercing

My child pierced her cartilage after I told her not to what do I do

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Ear Piercing?

I haven't quite decided what to do. I want to pierce her ears so she can look cute for her Christmas photos, but I feel bad mutilating her poor little ears (even though I lived...


piercing's how young's to young?

my 10 year old came home from primary school yesterday and told my 2 of her class mate's had there belly button's pierced, i must say i was rather shocked just wondered if i was...

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