Sheppard AFB, TX

anyone stationed here that would like to make a new friend? my husband is deployed for the next 6 months and we have an 8 week old son. I don't really know anyone here that i...


Sleeping Problems

My son will be 5 months on the 25th and he is waking up at least 5 -6 times a night. He drinks a little milk and goes to sleep for a little while, but sometimes he does not want...


how to introduce cow's milk?

My son turned 1 a few weeks ago. He's on toddlers formula but i slowly want to introduce cow's milk. What quantity should i start with? Is it better to make a fruit milkshake or...


Formula Change?

since my son is now over 6 months i have decided to start him on the nestle follow up formula, yet he refuses to eat it, is there anything i can to get him to tke to it?


Stuck on breastfeeding!

Im breastfeeding and my baby is alnost 11 months, how do i get her off the breast? when I pump I don't pump not even 1oz. it only comes out when she eats and she would not take...


scary stuff

hello i have a daughter named adelle she was born at only 29 weeks and weighed only a very scary 700grams she is now 2 1/2 and still is small weighing only 9 kilos. she is very...

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Will I ever get a flat stomach?

I'm new to this group so first here's a little about me. I'm married with an adorable little red haired boy who is 17 months and definitely keeps me on my toes. Before getting...


Six months ago...

Wow, Can you believe it's been 6 months now since our little ones entered the world!?! How are everyones baby's doing? What milestones have they reached so far!?


Mommy Weight Loss

Does anyone have advice on weight loss? I loss 30lbs right after my son was born (in October of course) and that was it, but unfortunately I gained 65lbs wihile I was pregnant....


Another cereal question lol

I started my 17 week old on rice cereal twice a day as advised from my doctor. Should I be doing it three times a day? For breakfast lunch and dinner? or just stick to two? Also...


Sleep Issues... Suprise Suprise

Okay so I have 17 month old Twin Girls. One (Madeline) generally sleeps like a log, she doesnt really have issues. BUT Lorelai (the other one) is horrible for sleeping. She...


Pregnant and Breastfeeding

I have a 13 month who is still breastfeeding in the morning and right before bed. I found out I'm pregnant (don't know how far along) and am just wondering if there have been...


She started vomiting

Just today, my baby girl started vomiting up her formula, the entire feeding each time. This only started since the last 3 feedings and we changed the kind of formula we...