Losing weight while breastfeeding...

I am currently trying to lose weight and am starting to become a bit discouraged. I have struggled with eating disorders and drug dependencies since I was around 16 years old...

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Scarey to gain more weight the second time around

I gained 90lbs with my daughter cause of medical problems underweigh too. I am so scared I will end up gaining every more. I am at a healthy weight and no medical problems at...

Started by Barb on 02/10/2012 in Expecting

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Feeding Issues?

Anyone battle feeding issues with their IUGR baby? Alice was born at 37 weeks due to my Pre-eclampsia... she was 4lb 4oz. She has some other issues she battled.. but is...


alone and pregnant is this my fault

I am due with my third child on Dec 10. At my 36 week check up for the baby i got a call from my fiances boss that he was being fired , this is his second job, his night time...

Started by Tabitha on 11/25/2012 in Moms Doin' It Alone

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egg allergy

My son, who is 1 year and half (will be 2 on May 9) has a mild allergy to eggs… we found out a few weeks ago. My question is does any one know of any good finger foods that I...


Flying with your toddler?

At the end of June we will be flying from TX to PA and it is a 2 1/2 hour flight to Chicago, then we have to change plans (2 hour wait but I was told with pottying and feeding...


problems with the gallbladder?

shortly after having my son I started having severe pains in my lower ribcage wrapping all around to my back between the shoulder blades - it would feel like the muscle was a...

Started by Nicole on 03/27/2009 in Babies And Infants

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I have been wanting to wean my son for a couple months now. He is nine months and my health is not up to par. I am a single mother and in school full time and I also work. I...


There just aren't enough hours in the day!!!!!!!

My house is a tip, I have forms to fill in and letters to write. I want to do exercise to loose weight and I still want to write my book but also have four kids and a husband to...

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Moms: We love them but..........

Ok I have such a rant about my mother. Ugh where to start.....I love her I know she means well, but I am 36yo and she STILL tells me what to do!!!! As if I'm a child,...