My son is growing very slowly.

My 11 month old little boy has been 14lbs since the end of April. He is now I believe right @ 15. The doctors dont know what could be cause him to grow in height and weight so...


useless boyfriend.

how can i get the daddy to help?he has an older son that he plays and talks to but he acts like our son is too much of an inconvenience.it makes me feel like a single mom...


any advice for a grunting 6 week old?

i am breastfeeding and my 6 week old little gril is such a grunter like she strains to push anything out. My mum remembers that i was the same with her milk and she put me on...

Started by Jody on 01/30/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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Us on the back burner...

Is there something that is in a woman's DNA that forcing her to put her needs and wants on the back burner. You are sick but can't make the doctor cause sissy has a recital..you...


Extreme workouts and nursing

Hey Ladies, Recently I have been making lifestyle changes. Sadly my weight ballooned to over 210lbs by my 6 week postpartum visit. Now i'm down to 195lbs and...


Terrible Two's yet?

I am the mother of a very percocious 21 month old daughter... who absolutely astounds me with her sweetness and caring mnost of the time... but lately has shown my a much more...


Hello there!

It's been a while since I've sent anything out, and found out today that I have quite a few new members to this community. lol So first let me say thank you and welcome to our...



Running out of ideas on what to feed my baby boy who turned 14 months on the 05/11/2010. Any suggestions? Something easy & quick to prepare without all the junk of course! Thank...

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How do you get your husband on-board?

My daughter has been waking up several times during the night, not only just to whine but to eat. She is 7 months now, and How do I get her to sleep through the night in a...

Started by Kristel on 06/21/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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no dairy until 1 yr, a myth?

While there is NO great magic in Yogurt or Cheese, the most common reasons for yogurt and cheese being ok for baby prior to age 1 year old are: * Unlike Whole Cow...


Two year old antics

Just wondering what other two years old are up to at present, and I'm not meaning development, this is a little more...how do I put it...adventurous!
The other day my son...


scared of monsters? having nightmares! help

aaron has been waking up at night crying. I try not to bother him too much when its 3 am and I want to go back to sleep myself....lol. Aaron usually sleeps thought the night....

Started by Karen on 04/10/2010 in May 2007 Babies

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Cant deal with BM anymore! Grrr!

Ok. Well I am engaged to a wonderful man. He has 3 daughters twins that are 7 and a 12 yr old. I have been with him for 2 yrs now. I have 3 boys. Ages 8,5,4. Like the brady...

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