I am not vaccinating my child for many different reasons and was wondering if there are other mothers out there who are on the same page?

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my 6 month old son suffers with constipation and he cry's whn trying to go to the toilet and strains alot but then when you go to change his nappy he hasn't done anything i...


Please help

My son takes off his diaper to poop. he is only 13 months old so I don't think he is ready to be potty trained but he is pooping all over my house. What can I do I have tried...


please help, upset baba

morning ladies...mommy needs help. since yesterday my LB has been very niggly and tired, im breastfeeding and when i feed after 10 min he starts kicking and moaning and then...


One year old always cries when she poops

She cries every time she poops and when it comes out its really big. And she humps a lot like if something is bother her, but she mostly does it when we are putting her to bed....

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Need breastfeeding help!!!

My son is now 6 weeks old and I have been exclusively bf thus far. He was diagnosed with severe reflux and a possible milk protein allergy based on his symptoms of vomiting,...

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Change of mind.....HELP

My little boy is almost 4 months old, I was breastfeeding him until about 3 weeks ago, then i started to give him a bottle every other feeding. i was getting so frustrated with...

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Need suggestions badly!!!!

I have twin 20 month old boys. They are saying words, but it seems like they are crying and whining for everything...I try to give them everything they need, but I think it's...

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Anyone heard of poultry allergy?

My son has had ecsema since he was a baby. He is now almost 9 years old. We have tried different creams but none really work. He hates putting the creams or lotions on because...


A warm bottle for a nap comfort?

My 4 month old REFUSES to nap during the day, but when exhaustion finally hits the only way he'll lay down is with a warm bottle. He won't eat out of it, he just sucks on it....


Morning sickness

I'm pregnant again which is slowly becoming exciting considering that the father and I split up about a week before I found out and we went from being engaged to not being...


1year + milk or cows milk

i have twins who are nearly 15ms and from 1yr i switched from baby followon milk to the 1yr+ milk i thought i would do this so they still got lots of vitamins and woundering if...

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I Need advice...Small 10 month old

My daughter is a healthy and will be 10 months old on the 14 th who was born full term. It worries me though that she is very small for her age and she can't even crawl yet. She...


She's Unhappy All The Time

Hi everyone hope someone on here can offer some advice. My lovely little 2 year old is really smart and goodnatured but the thing is, she's miserable all the time. Everything...


breaking sleep all of a sudden??

My son is now 9 months as of the 3rd of may. From 4 months hes slept all through the night with the exception of bottles and would return to sleep..and yes I know , ive heard it...


Anyone else have a nightowl child?

Whether he naps or not my son (3) doesn't want to go to bed before 10 pm. He's not got at soothing himself and would like nothing better then to sleep with us every night....

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