Introducing Mashed Foods??

Hi! My 7 month old daughter, born December 30, has been on pureed solids since 4 1/2 months. From what I've been told and read, they say she should be able to eat mashed foods...


Foods for 11 month olds

My little girl's just turned 11 months, has her 2 bottom teeth only. I'm currently still feeding her pureed food, not completely smooth, but not lumpy either... I chatted to...


homemade baby food

im just starting out on making homemade baby food for my 5 month old. does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about it or any ideas? anything will be helpful


chunky foods/choking

my 8 month old son has a really hard time eating anything other than the stage 1 & 2 foods. i've tried the stage 3 mixed veggies with the little potato chunks and he gags really...


What he should be eating...

So I have been trying to figure out what a typical day of meals should look like at this age.(9mos). My son eats solids 2 times and day. He still has bottles at every meal,...

Started by Annisia on 05/21/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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Milk vs Food

Hi Just wanted to know at what point/age do you give baby their food first and milk after? Eg. At the mo, Elodie has a 7am bottle, then around 8:30am has breakfast; then at...


baby food recipes????

Does anyone know any simple recipes for baby foods? I get some jarred foods and the baby rice cereal. I'd like to make her alot more homemade foods that will be gentle on her...

Started by Sonya on 02/03/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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What your 7 month old eats?

I'm running out of ideas what to feed my 7 month old son. At the moment he has 3 meals a day. For breakfast he has rice cereal with fruit, followed by a bottle of formula. For...


Finger Food Help!

I started rice cereal at 4 months old, and my now 7 1/2 month old has been eating purees for at least two months now. She's on stage 2. Yesterday, I tried a banana. I wasn't...

Started by Bobbie on 11/24/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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toddler food

I'm trying to get my toddler to stop eating blended food, any suggestions?


solids foods???

I have just started giving my son food that is a bit lumpier than the cereals, etc and he will not eat it! When he was on pureed food, he loved it, but now its lumpier he wont,...

Started by Lisamarie on 02/18/2010 in July 2009

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Finger Foods

Hi, my baby is nearly 7 months. He is eating pureed food, but i am absolutely petrified to give him finger foods. I am scared that he is going to choke to death. Any tips?


Food texture

Is your baby still on puree's or have you started adding more texture to their food? Just curious. I've heard the longer you wait to start adding texture the chances of a...


Eating Solids

My little boy is 16 months old and is not eating any sort of lumpy food as yet. He was a month and a bit early and was tube fed for 2 weeks. He has developed normally in every...