Working from home....

Before you respond, please read ALL of this message. I don't want any opinions about how you agree with me, I don't want any scams, and I don't want anyone to try and sell me...



Hi D/S moms! I actually just signed up to do digital scrapbooking. I think that it will help me to actually scrapbook. Is that true? I have tons of scrapbooking supplies but...


Need help I am so behind

Hello I am new to ths scrapbook community. I love to dab into any artistic endeavor and at one short moment I loved scrapbooking. I am not very experienced in it so would like...

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18 yr old with abusive (now ex) boyfriend

My 18 yr old daughter was treated in the ER last night for a concussion because her ex boyfriend physically assaulted her. A police report has been filed. That's the short to...

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Football player in the news.

Ohio player pricks foes in handshake line, forces tetanus shots By Cameron Smith In one of the most disturbing acts by an individual high school athlete in recent times, an...

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Baby Magic book released

Hi ladies! I'm a pagan author and mother. My book was released today and I came to invite you all to check it out and leave me a message. I havent put my author website together...

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My kids first day of school was a big surprise

Hi All: On my kid's first day of school, I experienced the last thing I expected to happen. It was an eye-opener. http://flowerpowermom.com/wordpress/?p=2089 Please feel...

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What kind of work?

I am a stay at home mom and would love to make some income, but I have no idea were or how to start. If I could get some information I would love it. Thanks Stephannie

Started by Stephannie on 12/04/2008 in Work At Home Moms

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Childhood Memories

There's one thing that every one of today's parents has in common: we love reliving our childhoods with our kids. Waxing nostalgic about what our kids miss out on is our version...

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Suddenly, I'm a "working mom!"

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I had a career. I know that to be totally PC, I should add the phrase “outside the home” but I don't look at my family as an alternative...


100 Best jos for Moms

Looking for a new gig? We've got 100 family-friendly jobs for you to consider when you head back to the grind. While it's rare that a job would meet all of our mom-positive...

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