Enfamil Restfull Formula

Has anyone used this yet? Do you see that it works? My baby eats the Gentelease... anyone feed Gentelease and then use the Restfull at night? Any problems?


Enfamil Restfull Formula!!!!!!!!!!!

my 6 week old daughter is breastfeed, but i decided to try her on formula at night since it is a little heavier on the stomach and it didn't work. well last week i found Enfamil...


Enfamil RestFull anyone?

Hi! My baby boy is 11 weeks old and is not anywhere near sleeping through the night! I have to go back to work soon so we are trying things to get him to sleep longer. We...

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Enfamil Restfull

Enfamil Restfull claims to "thicken gently in your baby's tummy, and digest slowly. For a natural way to help keep your baby feeling satisfied." Has anyone tried it? If so, how...

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Formula Fed America - Video

This was posted in the natural parenting playgroup forum that I attend and I thought I'd share. It looks awesome!...

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Just an fyi re formula......

I've supplemented in the past & know how hard the sleep deprivation can be but there really is a reason that your LOs are waking thru the night...

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New to the Club

My daughter is 14wks and is finally settling in to her ow, Athough shes up all day, besides cat nappin g a ffew times and up two times a night still to eat. What can i do to...


does it irk you too

so often when reading the question "how to get my baby to sleep through the night" the responce from half the mums is "are you breast feeding, if so give them a bottle of...

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When is it okay to start a baby on cereal?

My son is 3 months old and has an appetite just like his daddy, the size of the North American continent. We don't go back into the doctor until July 30th for his 4 month check...

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Starting baby on rice cereal?

At what age is it ok to start your baby on rice cereal? My son is almost 4 months old and he still only sleeps about 3 or 4 hours a night. My Mom suggested starting him on a...

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