introducing myself

Hi My name is Charlot Osonokwu. I am Dutch, my husband Nigerian (Qualle/ Esoko) and we have been living in Ireland for the past 6 years. We are christians. We have 2 children...


new here

Just wanted to say hello to everyone as I am brand new to the site! I am 28, live in Mandan ND with my wonderful husband and we are expecting a little boy named Lucian who is...

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hey my name is Jasmaine Thomas. And it is my first time being pregnent.I am 7 weeks old.And I am very excited to be a new mother. I am expected to have my baby in July and...


what should i do?

i had a baby back in september but she died at birth. is it ok to celebrate her birthday? i dont know what im going to do. does anyone have any advice?


First week of school!

I miss my own children sooooooooooooo much already and it is only the second day of school! My son went to kindergarten today for the first time! I'm now feeling the "Mom...


Hello out there..

Hi everyone.. my name is Tracey and I'm a first time mommy of a beautiful baby boy who is 5 months old. His name is Trevor. He is a preemie he was 6 weeks early. So I learned...

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My son refuses to sleep in his room he sleeps in between my husband and I, wen we ask why? he says dat he is stil a baby dats why? Any ides please


Kids and step-dad

My kids like my husband but knw he is not their father, sometimes (alot), they want to be with just me and I have a husband that is like a baby I am stuck between I love being...


Should I be concerned???

My daughter (23 months) normally takes a 2 hour nap darning the day and sleeps 9 to 10 hours at night... for the last week she has been taken 3 - 4 hour nap and is still...



I was mentally messed up by my psychiatrist. He had me on alot of drugs i didnt need to be on. Now i cant feel love or joy or pleasure or motivation to do anything and it feels...


How often should I feed my 5 month old?

My daughter started solids at 3.5 months. She's now 5 months. I just increased rice cereal (2-3 tbsp) to 3x per day, along w/ some 1st foods. I'm not sure how often I should...

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How do I get my 2 year old to potty train?

my 3 year old was happy to sit on the potty and try to go at 18 month. my baby just turned two and she tells me "I want the potty" or "I got poopoo" I have two chairs so that...