ADHD Testing

I have a 7 yr old son that is going in on Monday to our ped to evaluated for ADHD/ADD and I was just wondering what all they do and how that all works. My husband and I also...


I think I have postpartum depression

I sleep a lot. All of my family is constantly giving me trouble about sleeping all of the time. I rarely get anything done because I am so tired. Sometimes I feel like I just...


List of many suggestions.

Avoid the vending machine. Buy 12 packs of soda cans. Ask the manufacturers you buy from the most to send you coupons. Use distilled vinegar (1:1) water and microfiber...

Started by Stephanie on 03/09/2009 in Money Saving Tips

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My son is autistic

Heya ladies, My son Alfie (5) has just been diagnosed as autistic, we are awaiting further assessment to find out where on the spectrum he is, but we have been told it could be...


Introducing solids

I met with a lactation consultant a few weeks ago because my pump wasn't working properly and she gave me a sheet about introducing solids to an exclusively breastfed baby. She...



HI ALL I wonder if anyone has the same problem, My 3 yr old boy is so devastated when i drop him off at pre school, we moved last year october and so he started at a new school,...

Started by Vicky on 03/16/2009 in Toddler Moms

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fussy!! anyone else

My son was born on 11/24...so he is almost a full 4 months. He used to be so much easier, but now all of the sudden he is so fussy. he doesnt like to be held in cradle position,...


Breastfeeding advice

Hi, I am looking for some advice on breastfeeding, My DD3 is 4 wks old and I am breastfeeding on demand, it is going really well at the moment, she is feeding every 2hrs, I am...

Started by Layne on 03/26/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Two Different Languages?! (15months!)

My son is 15Months, and the only words I'v heard him say is momm-yy, mama, BALL. and just gabber. Should I be worried? Although, there is two different languages going on @...


Help my son will not take a bottle at all

He is now 3 months old. He is completely refusing a bottle. he took it pretty well 2 times in the past. Now the bottle can be in his mouth w/ some milk leaking and he just...

Started by Jessica on 03/31/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Stressed and Depressed

I had my daughter at 26wks and have to pump to supply her with breast milk. I feel so distant not being able to put her to breast yet. She is still in the NICU and it is driving...