What to EAT and How Much?

Hi Mommies: What are you feeding your 16-month old for lunch/dinner? How many snacks a day are you feeding them? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


my son is having screaming fits at bedtime

Hi My 3 year old has always been a good sleeper. But for the past two months when it comes to bedtime he is gettin out of bed 20+ times, screaming, shouting, kicking etc. He...

Started by Kizzy on 01/28/2011 in Raising Boys!!

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Activities for playtime at home

Hi, my son's 11 months old and I'm just looking for some more activities we can do at home. We read, dance around like crazy people and play with his toys and stuff like that...

Started by Jo on 01/29/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Sippy Cup

Hello, my son was born on Sept 6th 2009 and he still takes a sippy cup with milk at nap and bedtime. Our doctor has stated that we should break him of this habit within the next...


bad habits with he bottle

i know i only have myself to blame for this but i have been giving my 9 month old her bottle in bed to go to sleep, i have tryd to put her to bed with out and she just crys out...

Started by Kylie on 02/01/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Mothers Expecting Twins OR have had Twins

I am expecting Twins in June 2011, I have a 3 1/2 year old little boy, and need some advise on the upcoming bundles of joy. If anyone has any advise, comments or anything to say...

Started by Chrissy on 02/02/2011 in June 2011 Babies

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Are you a Juice Plus Rep?

I look forward to meeting other Juice Plus Reps. As a mom, wife, marathon runner I’m passionate about health, wellness and fitness. I enjoy meeting like-minded people. Juice...


Hints and Tips

Hi Ladies, my 18 year old step sister is pregnant and I was wondering if anyone had any practical advice on sleep, feeding etc. Practically anything you think might be useful. I...


Terrible two's

My daughter is 2 and a half yrs old and throws terrible fits. She kicks and screams. Her screams are so loud my neighbors have come over to see if every thing was ok . She bangs...

Started by Ashley on 02/16/2011 in Toddlers

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Cloth diapering for dummies

Ok, I haven't started CDing yet but I really want to. I want to learn all I can during my waiting for the money to be saved up to start our stock pile. Is their a 'cloth...


Niece broke out head to toe awful.

My 4 year old niece has been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis and it is bad I mean not an inch of skin I can find is with out rash she has had secondary infections and then a...

Started by Jessica on 02/19/2011 in Eczema And Kids

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Trips without son

I recently went on a trip to MI (where most of our family, including our son's grandma & grandpa live) for my grandfather's funeral that was in late January. We had just left...

Started by Keri on 02/22/2011 in Moms Under 30

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Daughter in 1st grade: serious Math problem....

My daughter is in 1st grade and has been having problems with addition, subtraction and I have tried almost everything to try to help her. My problem is that she sometimes does...

Started by Sarah on 02/22/2011 in School-Age Kids

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Diet control

Does anyone try to help control tics with diet? I am trying to do this with my son. I can always tell when he has been sneaking things, because he tics much worse. I basically...


Teen playing to rough...........

My sister and nephew how is 13teen, just moved to town about 3wks ago. We haven't seen each other in yrs, & very happy to have them closer. For the last 2wkends I've had my...

Started by Starr on 02/28/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Preschool Prep

What should my son(age 4 on April 7th) know by the time I put him in preschool this fall?