Food at 8 months

So I'm so worried (and have been since she started on table food) that I'm not feeding my daughter enough or too much. She's a big girl she's like in the 95th percentile the...

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milk "coming in"

Hi there, I am hoping that someone who has nursed while pregnant might be able to answer a question for me. First heres a little run down on the situation. I am currently a few...

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Chose not to breastfeed admit it

It kills me, makes my skin crawl .... everytime I hear a mother or her partner making an excuse as to why she is not breastfeeding. I know that some woman are not capable for...

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Hi Ladies...just curious about your gluten-free story. I have been living mine for 5 years and my 5 year old son was just diagnosed in November. What are the ages of your...


do i have the right...

to make myself happy? i dealt with depression and bipolarism all my life, at age 20 i thought i was over it, i know it doesn't just go away, but i spot the symptoms and deal...

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Homeowner Foreclose on Bank of America!

Yes you read that right! here is the article. In a modern-day evocation of David's slingshot triumph over Goliath, a couple of foreclosed homeowners in Naples, Florida...

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my questions about colth diapering....

So I'm really interested in the whole cloth diapering thing! I have a 3 yr old son & I thought for about 10 mins using cloth diapers on him then I decided to go with disposable....



I was just wondering what your babies are eating now...Emma just turned 7 months and just started eating cereal and food a couple of weeks ago. The doctor said I can start...


Potty Traning my 18 mth old!

MY daughter is 18 months and is sitting on the potty abd going. She does good when we are at home but when we are out we put her in a diaper. My question is .. Should we be...

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