Using LAM!

Hi all. I decided to start this community for moms that use LAM and other forms of natural family planning. It is hard finding people that practice or understand this form of...

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Negativity to giving up breastfeeding

Hi there. It's great to see how many Mums are able to breastfeed and do so for a long time but I wanted to broach the subject of weaning and how it's negatively looked upon....


sick baby with sleeping problems

my 4 month old baby boy has had a cold for a week and a half now, the only way i could get him to sleep was to rock him in my arms. now i am paying the price for that becasue...


Crying it out

I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and how it worked out? My son will be 6 months old on the 31st. He used to sleep 10 hrs straight but started waking up once a night about...



My son is ten and a half months old and has recently started biting...so far just me and dad but I want to stop this before he bites another child. I have tried stearnly...

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Cloth or disposable diapers?

I'm really considering using cloth diapers this time around. Not sure though b/c they are looking soo expensive....but then again in the long run they'd probably save me money....


why won't his pediatrician consider autism?

My son Leland is 21/2 & after months of reading I believe he is atleast mildly autistic. He does this rapid blinking like he's got something in his eye for no reason at all but...

Started by Meryet on 01/09/2010 in Austim Awareness

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Baby not crawling

My baby will be 11mths old tomorrow and doesn't crawl, hold her own bottle, pull herself up from anything, she still sleeps in the crib with the rail down! She does sit up and...


Spitting up breast milk

I have been breast feeding since birth. My little one is 33 days old. A little over a week ago,I started to feed him formula as well.. Now he spits up the breast milk...


Daddy in prison?

My 2 sons father is in prison & my boys have had no contact with him in a long time. [even before he was locked up they didnt have contact with him] His parole date is in about...


Fertility issues =O(

Hi, My name is misti and im new to this site. (lovin it by the way) I have one child, kandi (7) from a previous relationship. My current partner also has a child from a...

Started by Misti on 04/07/2010 in 2003 Birth Moms

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food ideas for 15 month old

hello moms! i need ideas for good healthy food ideas to feed my 15 month old. He has only 2 bottom teeth. any ideas or recipes would be wonderful or websites to check out.