Is any of this normal?? Please help!

Hi everyone! I am a FTM to a wonderful little guy, Stryder Ian. He will be 4 months old in 2 days. Up until Friday of last week he was a VERY happy, mellow and content baby....


Sleep disturbances and comforting

My daughter is almost 15 months old and has 12 teeth already. The four front and bottom and four molars. She has started to break in two of the four canines and I can feel the...

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Concern about baby

My child is 11 mo. and I have stayed at home with him (while working at night-never any sleep!) since he's been born. However, now that he is older, more...


Loose pets and frustration!!

I walk 4 miles four times a week with my dogs, a very sweet natured Dogue de Bordeaux, and a friendly, playful pit bull. It seems every night that we have at least one encounter...


Older Children ( Big brother)

I have three weeks left until my due date. My main concern is making enough time for my first child and involving him as much as I can with the baby so he feels apart of the...

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Early bird!!!!

Mommies plz help! My 21mo old bg goes to sleep around 8pm every night and wakes up between 5:30 and 6:00. During the day she sleeps once or twice; totalling about 2h - 2h30....

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potty training 2.5 year old twin boys.

My twins are almost 2.5 years old. Both of them are boys. I work full-time and don't get them from day care until 5 pm. They do put them on the toilet at daycare when they do...

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How my son sleep's

My son is 10 mouth's old and he dosen't sleep thourth the night. He gose's to sleep at 10;30 and I make sure to breastfeed him till his full. Then he wake's up at 1 am, 4 am,...

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I am a FTM and am suffering due to my sons inability to sleep alone and sleep for long periods of time. Heres some history.... when he came home from the hospital he slept in a...


anyone not have enuf bm?

My daughter is 4,5 months now and i have been giving her 3 meals a day for a few weeks now, as she was constantly screaming for more when she finished off both my boobs.She has...

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Potty Training

Has anyone started potty training or done with potty training? If so, what are/did you do? What struggles did you face? How did you handle them?


almost 13 months.

Our (premie) son just turned 1 last month. I was wondering if its normal for him to want to nurse longer or is it a every child is different thing? He was acting like he was...

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Interesting issue between siblings

My daughter is 2.5 and my son is 7.5 months. My daughter is amazing with her brother. She shares, is caring, and sweet to her brother. She'll have her jealous moments, but it...


Potty Training Twin Boys

I've started potty training my 2 1/2 yr old twin boys. We only started because the younger one decided he wanted to strip off his diaper & sit on the toilet. Now that we've...

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Early potty training

So elijah is 1 yr and 4 months and he has started to take off his diaper when ever he has a messy diaper *pooped* and is when he is laying down for nap time and then he gets it...