boys vs girls

I have two daughters the oldest is almost three the youngest is 10 months. I watch my great nephew during the week and he's almost 2. I went down to do laundry today and the...

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adhd and rage

does anyone elses child have rage and throws fits hits and kicks when u get on to him my 6 yr old does and he is on meds it has been working for 3 weeks but now he is getting...


9month old who does not stop crying

My 9mos old baby girl has been fussy from the get go, but now she continuously cries. I mean all the time. You may think I am being dramatic, but family and friends have seen...

Started by Sarah on 02/10/2010 in May 2009 Babies

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I have been BF my daughter for over three months now. When she was first born I was able to pump almost everyday. Now I have alot of trouble with it. I can only do it if she has...

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My daughter wont eat

well lately my 3 yr old daughter is being stubborn about eating, sometimes she will go 2 days with out eating. Then there are days that she eats me out of house and home. Ive...

Started by Jennifer on 09/15/2010 in Toddler Moms

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What is your 6 month old doing???

So my 4 year old son was extremely advanced as a baby and basically came out frustrated at the world until he accomplished each milestone lol. He was rolling over, sitting...


Newly divorced mom DROWNING!!!

Help?? I am a divorced mom of three. I was married for 13 years. Dating and friendships have been a disater. Is there a light at the end of this dark lonely tunnel?


Supplement City! Discuss!

Who takes 'em? When, why and do you think they work? I'm not speaking of just diet pills, either. I'm talking about multi-vitamins, specific vitamins, health-supplements, etc!...


bottle at 4weeks

HI Everyone, I am thinking of introducing the bottle once a day at night , so I can get a block of sleep, to my 4 week old daughter. I am curious if anyone else has done this...


Nap time

Okay I have an almost 2 year old son who just refuses to take naps i am going crazy everytime I lay him down he wants to be a butt head and get up and throw stuff, play with...


Flying with a sick 8 month old?

We are scheduled to fly in a few days, but my daughter came down with Croup a few days ago. It isn't a long flight...but I'm wondering if its a bad idea to fly with her being...


infant swimming

hi everyone :) my son is 8months old today, he has been crawling and standing up (pulling himself up) for about 2 weeks. i would like to eventually enroll him in some sort of...

Started by Meredith on 06/22/2009 in October 2008 Babies

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