i am 17 i had my son at 16 got pregnant at 15 and alot of ppl judge ,me but thats fine cuz i love my son and if is wasnt for him i wouldnt be who i am im not a single mother but...

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Anyone have 2 c-sections then a natural birth??

I have two children, 1 and 2 1/2, I had them both threw c-section. My daughter was 9'11 and im a smaller girl so she didnt fit, and then my son was 8'6 two weeks early. I had a...

Started by Victoria on 03/09/2010 in VBAC

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13 mo. old still spitting up

My daughter has always been a spitter, but she STILL does it at 13 mo. Anyone else's baby doing this? I really hate dragging her into the doc. so I thought I would throw it out...


Harder pregnancy for me

Since I started my 3rd trimester I have been experiencing at least 1 to 2 times a week a really bad migraine and or bad headaches. When I am not pregnant it is rare that I have...

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Working as a nurse while pregnant

I am in nursing school and am wondering if there is anything specifically documented about what you are allowed to refuse to do while pregnant because of safety issues. I know...


Medication Issues

Hello everyone. My name is Shannon and I'm from Texas. I am a recent widow with 2 children. A daughter who is 14 and a son who is 11. It is my son who has ADHD. He was diagnosed...


18 month old talking?

My 18 month old daughter says a few words, she doesn't say two words together. She can say mom, dad, bubba, hi, bye, nana, thank you, no...are the ones that I can think of....


3 teens out of control, brothers Help

I have 3 boys 19,17,and 16. they have choose a life of crime and drugs. No matter what I try and say they dont listen, respect or care about it. I have tried everything...

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How to get to my 4yr old to bed at a set time?

Taylor does not really like to go to bed early. But she will be starting school soon! And i want her to go to bed at a good time. What i can i do to get this going? And how to...

Started by Jennifer on 06/30/2009 in Single Moms

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Toddler eating issues...

My daughter is 2 1/2 and she will only eat a handful of items (pizza, spaghetti, cereal, chicken nuggets, pb&j). Granted, I know my husband and I are mostly to blame for this....

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Wetting his pants

My 6 year old has recently started having "accidents". They have been happening on almost a daily basis for about 5 months now. We have tried punishments, taking things away...

Started by Megan on 08/19/2009 in Working Moms

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