Undescended Testes

My son has just turned 1 and at his routine health check the doctor discovered his testes haven't descended yet. They should be in the scrotom by 6 months of age and she...



My son is 14 years old I'm tried to get him stop using his cell but he does not understand he does well at school. And he is a wonderful son but im a single mom and I recognize...


Breast Infection re-occurence

I have some sort of breast infection from nursing my almost 8 month old son and I have had it for a month now the doctors have seen it and tried prescribing different...



Men who look at Porn! I choose men as the center of this topic because they do tend to look at it more then women do. Many of us are wives, and Girlfriends or have been. How...

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Quality time

It seems more and more parents these days let children watch large amounts of television and eat McDonald's at a young age and fairly often. I know there are still a lot of...


How do I respond?

I'm so new to this and I find it hard to just pipe up and tell people, "He has asperger's" When Hayden gets overwhelmed he'll make noises or spin or talk really loud. I'm...


vaccinations for infants?

Hey everyone! I am new to this Circle of Moms thing, due with first child in March . I am wanting to get information on vaccinations? We are thinking of not vaccinating?...

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Cade is almost 7 months old, he refuses to eat purees even Stage 3! He wants foods he can mash with his 2 little teeth. His pediatrician okay-ed the start of big people food...


my son hates leaving the house...

yeah. he cries every time we leave the house and he realizes he's not home. we haven't taken him out except to church in the last couple weeks, and this past Sunday when hubby's...


how do u let go??

i find myself layin awke at nite, 2nite is no different. bu this time its rainin and im n bed alone. im layin there thinkin bout my baby daddy who is n a completely nother...

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Okay my brief story is... I have 2 boys who live with thier father, my bf had 1 boy, together we had 1 boy n 1 girl. 3brm twhse with basement. my problem isn't so much where...


questioning doctors diagnosis

i have stopped trusting doctors as theyve been wrong with thier diagnoses with my daughter countless times. it took them 3 months to figure out that kayla had acid reflux. when...


How do you cope with strangers insensitivity?

My LB was born at 28 weeks, He is o2 dependant. Recently a "lady" was talking to me and asking me questions about his tubes. When I said that he is oxygen dependent, she said,...

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a child who doesn't eat

my 2 year old boy simply will not eat & really never has. i've tried many different types of food, many varieties, but he just doesn't want to eat. he's also quite small for his...

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