Need help with family issues

Hi everyone! I apologize if this gets too long, I'll try to be brief. Our son is 20 months old and I am 21 weeks along with #2. I have to start by saying I am not handling...

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Need help bonding with stepdaughter

Hi there, I need some help bonding with my stepdaughter. I have known her for three years and really struggle to find that motherly love feeling with her. I do care about her...

Started by Danielle Elizabeth on 03/30/2013 in Step Parenting

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Large brood-young age!

My husband and I have been happily married for 5 years this August,and we have 3 daughters,due with our son in June. All of that is fine-until people ask me how old I am.I am...


Outcomes of a suicide attempt

Hi there everyone, Firstly, to introduce myself. My name is Stacey and im 20 years old. Im a newly single mum to my perfect 8 months old daughter Charlotte. She is the light of...


New here...and already have a question!!

Hi I'm Rena and I have a wonderful 8yr old girl (Michaela). We moved to this area right before school started and she is having trouble (still) fitting in. I spoke to the...

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nap times

my son is 2 and i had a routine set out for nap and bed times and continued this for a year once he got use to it. now all of a sudden he refuses to nap and is so grumpy by...


how do you do nap time?

Ive been doing nap time for our boy between 12 and 2 and he sleeps up to 2 hrs.. He is up at 7am and down at 9-9.30pm. But now we are trying to cut bedtime to 8:30 since our...


Birth stories good/bad!

Hi all, basically i love birth love it love it love it, and love reading the incredible birth stories women have to offer, so please feel free to write your birth story here.....


Saying "No" to motherhood is good for you

cafemom Absorbing the weight of the headline, "Why I left my children" caused me to involuntarily sit up straight, and become stiff with disapproval of what I was about to...

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Pre-Birth Jitters

I'm 20 years old, and expecting my first with my fiance! We're having a boy, and couldn't be any happier. I was just wondering if every/anyone else went through 'pre-birth...

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Tired of a lot (rant)

Sorry ladies I seem to rant a lot these days but I do it here because if I did it on something hubby could see I would probably piss him off more. Between him and my mom I feel...

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Does my child perfer her grandparents to me?

Ok, i have a 9 month old daughter who is in general a pretty easy going baby. Latley she has been teething so she hasnt been going to sleep as easily as she used to and has been...

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First Birthday Party

I want to have a big first birthday party for my son Reilly. I have a pretty big family and keeping it to the bare minimum will still be about 125 people. I don't have a house...

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How to deal with non-AP families?!

I am a new AP mom, as my son is only 4 mon old. However, I can't imagine raising him ANY other way. My delima is that I am also a nanny for a non-AP family (who also have a 4...

Started by Megan on 10/09/2009 in AP Moms

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We thought the terrible 2s were behind us, but now our 3 year old screams at the top of her lungs when she doesn't get what she wants! Sometimes it is piercing! She has no...

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Does anyone else ever have the feeling that by having children (I'm a mom of 18 month old twins), you've caused so many problems with both sides of the family (both my own and...