Nose piercing?

Hi I am 16 years old and have been wanting a nose piercing for so long!! I've brought it up to my mom many times and she has always said no. I will go months without asking her...


Green Line Diapers

Has anyone here used Green Line Diapers, or something like them? They are pretty new and small, but they look wonderful and so far I think that's the way I'd like to go with...



Hey Ladies - I have 2 daughters, one is a 6 month old, the other nearly sixteen. I was a teen mom the first time round, and suffered judgement like no other time in my life. I...


My daughter

Born August 13th 2002. I knew while she was still inside of me that she was going to be independent and strong willed. And that she is. I had a vision of what she would be...


Quirky discipline rules that work

By Barbara Rowley I've made a lot of bad rules in the decade I've been a mom, from irrational threats ("No graham crackers in the house ever again if you eat them in the living...

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Do you ever....

get so mad/depressed that sometimes you just wish you could walk out the door? I love my daughter and my husband very, very much, but some days, I just feel like I can't do it...

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I need a some advice ,about being a SAHM ..

Well I have a 3 yr old daughter and now im pregnant and i have 5 weeks left :) but anyways my point is I never really been a SAHM , and after the baby is born im going to keep...

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Torture and our government

Is anyone else as shocked as I am that our president released classified information about our torture techniques that we have used. How stupid can he be. He said that we are...


pre-k child

I have a Boy aged 41/2 who just started pre-school and the teacher already has pulled me aside and said he is not listening or behaving. I don't know if I am a bad mother! The...

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Republicans and Christianity

Why does it seem that the conservative republicans are trying to claim Christianity as their own lately? I am not a Christian myself but I do know MANY and a lot of them are...


Riding the Bike...alone.

I know this has been debated before, but it's hitting a little close to home now and my former ideas about when I would allow my son to ride his bike in our neighborhood without...

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something funny!

I read this on another breastfeeding site and thought some/most of you would think it was funny. Please be advised: it is sarcasm! Please take it for what it is--a joke....

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HELP!! My son refuses at all costs!

My son refuses to do do things such as sing and dance in is 4yr old kindergarden class. They say it is ok for this year but next year in Kindergarden they will not accept that....

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Hi my name is Kara. We are currently stationed in Abilene, Texas at Dyess Air Force Base. My husband and I have two boys. Gavin is 6 and was born in Okinawa, Japan, and Gage is...

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no smile yet :(

I have 2 daughter my first was 8 weeks when she smiled, my new daughter is almost 10 weeks old and still hasn't I'm waiting but its so hard not to compare them! Is anyone else's...

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