I need to vent soooo badly!!!!!!

My almost 8 month old daughter is hardly ever happy!! She SCREAMS and I mean SCREAMS most of the time and hardly ever sleeps which means I hardly ever sleep)!!!!!! I seriously...


Autism vs Asperger's Diagnosis

Hi! My 5 yr old received his diagnosis as a High Functioning Autistic last week. Based on the information I've read during the last few months, I believed him to be more of an...


Play Room or Split them up???

My girls are 21 months and they have been in the same room since birth and they've slept in the same crib until they were 5 months. But now that they are getting older and...

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Are young mums actually bad mums??

Hey all! I have a 4 year old step son and a 21 month old daughter. I was a teen mum, but 21 now. I class myself as a good mother to my kids, I do everything for them and hardly...


h1n1 shot

how do u as a mom feel about getting you and your children the h1n1 shot? I have a 5 year old with asthma and I am almost 4 months pregnant and I am pretty unsure of what to do....

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How to handle uninterested Grandparents?

One side of my daughters grandparents are excited to be a part of her life, but my other side is uninterested. I include them in everything. I send emails, pictures, updates,...

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Should my child believe in Santa?

I was raised in a strict religious household (daily bible study, church 3 times per week, etc) and did not grow up celebrating Christmas, or any other recognised holiday or...


How old is too old to sleep with Mommy?

My son is 6 and still likes to sleep in my bed (I'm a single mom, so there is no one else in the bed). I don't mind him sleeping with me, but some of the comments and looks I...

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Not a debate, but what would you have done?

Ok, I need a vent...LOL My eldest just had major surgery last week. As we were on the way home from the hospital in Denver, we stopped for drinks, snacks at the local...

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