Is it eczema?

My daughter is almost 20 mos. old and she has this itchy patch on the inside of her left elbow. It's been there since she was probably around 6 or 7 mos. old. She used to have...

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Pregnancy after C-Section

I had my son on May 20, 2009 by C-section, I'm currently 26 weeks (Due Sept 26) and was wondering if anyone is in or had been in the same situation. Just wondering what to expect.

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So my one thing I always admired about J was he was a calm loving little boy...never really bit never really hit...but the past few days he get's so mad at me that he swings and...


Pre-term Labor scare ...

Well, today is my first full day back at home. I went in for my non-stress test (part of my weekly schedule now since I have gestational diabetes) and the baby's heart rate...


picky eating wearing on my child

i babysitt and extremly picky eater as well as watch my child, who is normally a veggie munchin monster. Now all my kid wants is mac n cheese and chicken nuggets.. the childs...


is it time to change to cows milk ?

my daughter is 10 months old drinks 2 formula bottles a day 3 if we are out of the house. as i don't like giving her take away foods, she is a little bit over weight but still...


baby ASL

has anyone experimented with the baby american sing language programs? im really considering doing it with my daughter when she gets a bit older. im curious to see if anyone has...



Over a month ago I set a short term goal to overhaul our house. I've since gone through and organized and minimized the kitchen, bedroom, and livingroom. Although it's not done...

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Pediatrician or Family Doctor?

I've just moved to the US from the UK and I was wondering what's best for my 20 month old daughter, a pediatrician or a family doctor my husband and I can go to as well. In the...


Nausea and foods to eat?

I am 5 weeks pregnant (in a few days I will be 6 weeks)...This week i have had nausea all day and nothing sounds good to eat. I used to be able to eat a protein bar and now I...


What to do?

I have a conundrum I am hoping to get some insight on. I think I missed my period but I do not entirely remember when my last one ended I have had some very bad to moderate...

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My ex-husband is an alcoholic. We separated when my 8 1/2 year old son was just six months. For the longest time I was able to shield my son from my ex-husband's disease...