Struggling with gestational diabetes

I am due february 28th and the first 2 trimesters went smoothy, when I hit 28 weeks and did the blood sugar test all my numbers were between 230 and 330. I was put on glyburide...


Sleeping through the night. HELP!!!

Ok Babywisers- do I have a problem for you.... My four month old Cohen wakes and eats every day at 6:30. He does the baby wise schedule all day- eats, plays and then naps...

Started by Laura on 01/31/2009 in Babywise Mom's

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VSD that need surgery

Hello, my son is almost 4 months and is currently waiting to have surgery. We have been at childrens hospital of milwaukee, wisconsin for the last month and are down to just a...


Lies Lies Lies

OK maybe it's just the age but something has got to give! My almost 9 year old son is constantly lieing about everything. Brushing his teeth, to cleaning up his room. I can't...


how to get my 13 yr old to Excel in school

went to my daughters award ceremony today and left feeling bad for her. She did not receive any awards. She is a really sweet child but does not do well academically. I feel...

Started by Christie on 06/04/2009 in Moms Of Teenagers

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What to do when your child steals

My oldest thinks he's slick rick. I know kids try their boundaries but this I just don't understand. My (step) son stool something from the store while he was with me. I wasn't...

Started by Diema on 06/23/2009 in Step Moms

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Did eliminating dairy work for you?

My 5 wk old ds has been diagnosed with reflux after having all the symptoms, vomiting, pain, arching, feeding almost all day, choking, coughing, hiccups and crying in pain for...


Global Delays

What is your experience with children with global delays catching up? My daughter is 23 months (21 adjusted) but is measured at a 10.5 month age range. Her developmental pedi...

Started by Kimberly on 02/16/2011 in Hypotonia Help

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