Hello everyone, My name is Jena and I'm pretty new to Circle of Moms. Right away I saw a lot of conversations and questions about sleep habits, philosophies. etc. I think...


My son

Helpwhat doI do when the school says that all he does is disrupts class. They blame him for everything! He is in 3rd grade as frm my prospective he is just acting like a boy....



I have lil bit of an issue, My son turned 1 at the end of august, Ok where to start...lol, Well he has wic and they are no longer gonna supply him of formula.He totaly refuses...

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2.5 y/o boy won't eat any suggestions?

My 2.5 y/o is such a picky eater and only will eat pbj sandwich's and pancakes. He used to eat all sorts of food and now he won't and haven't since after his 2nd birthday. I've...

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Taking Meds with pregnancy

Ok so when I was pregnant, my doctor said I could not take any medicines at all except tums for heartburn. No dental work, only a cleaning, no x-ray's, limited caffeine,...

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Hi, anyone with babies with milk allergies?

Hi, my daugher "likely" has a milk allergy and is on Isomil Soy Formula? She was very gasey, so her pediatrician advised to change her to Soy and change to a Nuk nipple to...

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Kids struggling in school

Does anybody have a 9 or 10 year old that is struggling with his grades at school? Our 9 year old is in 3rd grade and up until last year everything was great! He loved...


I hated my epidural.

it took the pain away but i couldnt move my legs AT ALL and after i delivered they had to use a catheter and i got a UTI that lasted a week. Any one that has had stiches down...

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My son is VERY hyper.

My son is only 2 and working with 14 2yr olds all day, i realize most of them have moments of being squirmy and loud etc...My son acts out VERY badly some times, has had a bad...

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