F***ing Octomom

Please tell me this is Reporters being Reporters and running off at the mouth and misquoting her. "I hate the babies, they disgust me" The troubled mum even admitted she...

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living in a marriage without sex

I’ve been in a sexless relationship for over 4 years. It is breaking my spirit. I feel ugly, unloved, unwelcome, inadequate, inconceivably alone, and as if the choice i am...


custody battle please help

my step son is caught in the middle of a bad custody battle. His father and i have won temporary sole custody for now. we just had to file contempt charges on her for not...


my daughter never listens to me

ok so my daughter stays with my mom most of the time.and has a different baby sitter for 2 days a week. i work 40 hours a week. and am home for the weekends. and my daughter...


Plateau advice

So I have been working on my weight loss since Jan 5th of this year and have done very well so far but like many do, I've hit that plateau. I've subscribed to the online Joy's...


Almost breaking out of crib!

Hi - I have an almost 2 year old in March and she's close to breaking out of her crib. She sits on the gate and screams for us to come get her down. Now what? Do I let her...



My son was born October 1st, and has started to cry often. No real reason apparent..sometimes while feeding, othertimes apparently happy, then crying. He'll fall asleep while...



http://babywisemom.blogspot.com/ Have questions about your baby? Holly suggested this sight to some of us moms; it has really helped me a lot and I frequently visit to seek...


Always wants to be up

My baby is 8 weeks old. He always wants to be up in our arms. When we put him down he cries so hard. We love holding him ofcourse but it is exhausting and we don't want to...


Getting 8month old to drink milk

hi, ever since my daughter was born she has never liked drinking her milk, i have tried all the types of milk except soya based ones. i try to put the bottle to her mouth and...


Eating Problems

Anyone having trouble with there little one not eating? my daughter is 20months old and i struggle to get her to eat she just not interested she takes food then throws it. She...

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Due June 30th

Expecting with a 2 year old at home is hard!!!!!

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