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http://dancingitr.blogspot.com/ I am a Christian mom of 3, and I've been writing and journaling for many years. My husband, friends, and family encouraged me to start a BLOG...

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Feeling alone.....

This is my first child. I have been blessed at 29 to finally get pregnant and I am very happy about that. I made the choice of getting prenant and not being married. I have a...

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sleep or the lack of it

Hello. My baby will only sleep if someone is touching him or holding him. I am still trying to teach him to sleep on his own. I know he is different because of all the health...


need input on daughters 1st bday party

I need your input on a couple of things about my daughters 1st birthday party planned for this Saturday. First is food. We have about 50 people coming and are doing an outside...

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Fathers rights

For all you Moms out there that keep your children from their Fathers perhaps you should join a father's rights group and see the other side. I have been in a 5 year custody...


Feeling Lonely... is it normal?

I am 20 years old (I turn 21 in august) and I had my frist child in May. She is the most beautiful and most amazing thing to have ever happened to me. Throughout the pregnancy I...

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My story!

I got pregnant at 15, babydaddy was supportive, mom freaked. but it took a few days to come around. i was told at 5 weeks i had a heart shapped uterus and wouldnt be able to...


20 year old stay at home mom.

My son is 6 months old and I stay at home and take care of him while my fiance usually works or plays call of duty in the back bedroom. After I got pregnant I pretty much had to...

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Am I doing the right thing?!?!

1st let me say "Wow!" this place is amazing! So many of you share what I am & have been going through. I am a single mom to a 3yr old son. His dad is in & out of jail....

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Autism Asperger's

Hi I'm Sammy, I have a little boy aged 10 years who has learning difficulties and i think a slight strain of Aspergers, he is the most loving little boy ever and has so much...


Grocery shopping

I make a list of all the things I am going to make for dinner for 5-7 days. Example: Like spaghetti, I would put on my list everything that goes with spaghetti. I make my...

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