where's my sex drive gone?

I have a soon to be 3yearold son, My question is am I the only one who has absolutly no sex drive, Used to have a great one, my husband and I might have sex once a month, and...

Started by Kim on 05/26/2011 in June 2008 Babies

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What's the matter with my husband?

I've seen a lot about husbands who don't help out. My husband is mostly pretty good about pitching in . . . during the day. However he gets angry with me if he wakes up at...


Potty Training my Toddler?????

My son just turned 2 July 1st. How young is to yo ung....how do you go about doing it.....and how????????? He tells me when he poops...which usually means he is needing to just...

Started by Jaimie on 07/19/2011 in July 2009

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juice at night time ??

i am potty training my son but i am having problems at night time i have to chnage his bum 3 or 4 times a night he takes his juice bottle upstairs with him it seems to be his...


I think I'm depressed.

I can't really avoid admitting it to myself anymore. I don't want to go on meds for it again though, but I'm tuning out life a lot on purpose because I'm not coping very well...


important job...........is day care ok?

hello....\i am very confused...i am an extra protective mom...i had quit my job when i had her and now i am working...she is going to school and i have to pit her in a day care...


The GOP image...

Some editorial thoughts that were published in The Week magazine. I thought they were funny, but I completely understand their concern. What do you think? HOW THEY SEE US...

Started by Karla on 12/17/2011 in Political Debating Moms

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Breastfeeding in Public?

I have been breastfeeding for about a month and I have been homebound and I am going stir crazy. Why have I been home all the time? I'm afraid to nurse in public!! I am not...

Started by Emily on 12/17/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Just a little inside me and my boyfriend chris have been together since i was 15 and have 2 daughters together. Last night i got a call from a girl named Ashley, i didn't know...

Started by Lauren on 07/25/2012 in Moms Under 30

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total loss of interest in sex

I am 34. I have three children; ages 6, 2, and 16mo. I feel like if i never had sex again I would be fine with that. What is wrong with me?

Started by Sarah on 08/02/2012 in Moms Under 30

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How to be a good Christian?

I believe in God and his doings... but I want to become a better christian. I want to be closer to God and I just dont know were to start. My life has been so stressful lately...

Started by User on 08/19/2012 in Christian Moms

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school too much?

my little girl (my oldest) has just started SK this year .. she did go to some of her JK year she started in march because she was finally ready ( had a hard time potty training...

Started by Ashley on 09/17/2012 in Hot Topics

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Need to find a job from home

I'm looking for something that I can do at home. I'd rather find something where i don't have to worry about the taxes, but at this point I'm trying not to be picky. Money is...