Travel beds for a Toddler?

We will be traveling in October for 2 weeks and will be taking our son, who by then will be 21 months old. He has already outgrown his play yard, but is still in a crib at...


HI new here

Hi ladies, I am new here and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kimberly, I am hispanic/American Indian and my Husband is Chinese. We have two boys. Logan is almost 3...


what should i do?

i had a baby back in september but she died at birth. is it ok to celebrate her birthday? i dont know what im going to do. does anyone have any advice?


Welcome introductions and guidelines

Welcome everyone!!! I believe that women are the breast from which everyone drinks...so taking care of ourselves, physically, emotionally and Spiritually is mandatory if we want...


Mountain Home AFB, Idaho

We just found out that we're PCS'ing to Mountain Home AFB in January from Aviano AB, Italy. My husband's been in for 23 yrs & we've been married 18 yrs so moving isn't something...


Hi everyone

I'm an "old" mom, in my 60's now, but I feel that our kids and grandkids keep us young at heart. If I can help anyone with anything, please feel free to ask. I am not an expert...


preschool-how much is enough?

I am having a problem deciding on which preschool. The preschool I loved only has tth opening for my twins. My 2nd choice school is available MWF... is TTh enough?



I recently moved from Athens to Alpharetta with my boyfriend and our baby boy. I am lucky to be close with his family and my best friend also lives just a few miles away from us...

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Hobbies and free time

I've found that my days revolve around work, home and 3 year old. I need something fun to take my mind off daily stresses. Maybe a hobby of some kind? But I have yet to find...


Kindergarten woes

How can I help my really adult 5 year old emprace this all day Kindergarten thing. He was stressed today his first day. Great teachers and great staff. Poor guy. He is an...

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Lookin 4 mum's in my area

Hi my name is Heather and i was just wonderin if theres any1 who lives in Egypt?? Im English but my husband is Egyptian and we have a 15 month old lil boy. Wud love 2 meet mum's...


How do I deal with my baby's birthday??

HIs Birthday is November 25th. On his 3rd birthday it will be on Thanksgiving. The whole month family and friends are always busy. I feel so bad for him. What should i do??

Started by Lisa Louise on 09/13/2009 in November 2007 Babies

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New Member -- Hubbardston, MA

Greetings Moms of Massachusetts, I am a stay at home mom of one. My daughter, Deva, will be turning 5 at the end of this month. I grew up in this area, but only recently...


Welcome... So How many Years?

Hey there. I noticed among a lot of my friends and family, there was a lot of women older then their spouses. Sometimes it makes it harder. Sometimes easier. If the whole "Women...


One Republic ~ Apologize

Ok, so not really. This is my brother and our friend Jaret destroying "Apologize". This ladies, is what one does for fun in the frozen north. This was back when I lived in...

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