deadly plastics

Do you know what plastics are harming your family? Do you care? Did you know this was even an issue? From the plastics our babies drink out of, to the plastic lining on the...

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Crawling at 6 mnths

my daughter who is now 6mnths and 1 week old has started crawling...tuchwud she has been an active baby...wanted to know bout other babies and mums experience???

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can i just skip valentines day?

watched a couple romantic comedies...was light hearted at first, then of course, the reality of my drama came rushing in. then again, its not like my husband was too hot on...

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Happy Valentine's Day to my Sisters

Sisters, I love Valentine's Day! It's the perfect day to tell you all that you are the most precious Valentine's of all. We have the true love that never ends. He is so in...

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keeping up

Hello, I hope everyone has had a great valentines day. I have been so busy at work that I have not been doing so well on keeping up with Circle of moms, not keeping up with...


Aspergers book for son..

Im wondering if anyone knows of a good resource for books about aspergers for children? My son is 9yrs old and highly intelligent. He wants to learn more about his condition......


Does anyone else get overwhelmed on Mondays?

Every Monday morning, I think of the week ahead and get overwhelmed. Every week, I've got big plans on how much I'm going to get accomplished during the weekend, and every...

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Planning on Next Baby already

I have a 4 month old little boy and want my next one close in age so they can grow up togeather. me and my husband where planning to have another baby for next summer. my little...


Loss of a child

Hello. My husband and I lost my youngest child a little over a month ago. Our family is having a difficult time dealing with his loss and we are unsure of how to handle talk to...


Questions on Moving and school

Gackgroud: My husband and I have been married for 6 years, and we have 2 wonderful boys, ages (almost) 4 and (almost) 2. My oldest is starting a Pre-K in the fall of this year....


Non stop crying in the carseat....

My 1 yr old will NOT stop crying in the car. We live in FL and most things I have to do are at least 25-30 mins away and he will cry the entire time. Non stop, no lulls, we're...


truly happy

There have been times where I've thought back and said "man I miss those good old days" and i do have some unforgettable memories and some unremeberable nights! but really...

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starting primary school. full or part time?

my daughter will be starting year r in september and i found out today that they can start going full time straight away or carry on with mornings first and ease them in to full...

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