How to find a job

Hello! I'm looking for a job that allows me to make enough money to live off of and will allow me to homeschool my daughter (ideally), if not, something that will cover the...


miscarriage in Sept 2008

Hi all I had a miscarriage in September of lasytyear, i was nearly 8 wks. i still think about my baby everyday and i'm not looking forward to the day that my baby should have...


Bought a potty seat.. Now what??

My daughter Alissa will be 2 years old in May. For the past month she has shown some interest in the potty, she follows me to the bathroom & i tell her that mommy goes potty on...

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We just went through a rough patch. We were so close to adopting 2 little boys, but it just didn't work out. Obviously it was for the best. We are kind of burnt out on...

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Napping while away from home.

so My very stubborn independant two year old and I desided to drive up to NY (from WV) she did fine for the 7 hour drive but now that we are here she wont take her naps. I just...


Can't sell house to move with hubby?

Hey there. I'm new here. I was just wondering if there are any military spouses and families out there that could not PCS with their hubbies due to the bad housing market? I...

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Justice Systems

I went to school with a deaf girl called Emma, I was friends with her and she was in a few of my classes. At the end of this year it will be the two year anniversary of her...


Kids wanting their dad.

Hi, my 5yrs old son has started asking for his dad nearly everyday. I've tried my brothers spending time with him but he'll come back and says he wants his dad. I don't no where...

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Immunity & Protection

Do you think hardcore criminals should be given immunity and witness protection and/or relocation? These people, drug dealers, murderers, corrupt, pedophiles, repeat offenders...

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