do you get lonely at times ?????

I'm 27 and I've been a SAHM for 18 months now my eldest is 3 years and my youngest is 3 months. I love my kids but when ever i take my son out he ends up in fights with other...

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introducing the boyfriend/girlfriend

So I have pretty strong opinions about this but maybe too strong and wanted to take a poll to see what people thought. When you get a boyfriend/girlfriend after splitting up...


help me out....

ive been a stay at home mom since my baby as born 6 months ago... it wasnt bad at first but now im getting pretty lonely cuz my friends dont come around anymore they always have...


New to Scholfield....Soon

Hello. My hubby is getting transfered to Scholfield barracks and we should be moving there by the beginning of April. I've got two little ones (Kayla 4 and Ella 2) and would...


Do you think the SM should butt OUT?

My ex is and ex from a four letter word beginning with "h"...there is no doubt about that . this man is extremely evil and vindictive. he loves to see me hurt and loves...

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Tired mom

Im 24 with 4 kids and not so easy since they are all still babies there ages are 4month,1yr,2yr,and 3yr. Im a stay at home mom and my husband works. He thinks it so easy taking...

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confused about my feelings

I have been single for almost a year. I left my daughters father whom emotionally abused me for 2 and a half years. My relationship before him was also really bad. My ex took...


When will you have the "alcohol" talk?

Ok bad subject for me. I don't drink, my ex does. Luckily my kids hate the smell of it. BUT when they were both babies my insipid twit of a MIL decided to give them both...



ok well i have an issue with my daughters father when i first fell pregnant he told me he didn't want her and i was to have an abortion then broke up with me then 4 days later i...

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Trying not to give up!!!

I am separated and a mother to a 11 month old baby girl. I don't have many friends, mostly just family members. I have isolated myself from the world. I know that I need to get...


Parenting with No handbook!!

I've often heard that young women shouldn't have kids. My parents as well as some family members and friends have often told me what the hell was I thinking to have 4 children...

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Have you ever "mooched" childcare?

“Can my daughter hang out with you guys after school?” That’s the question A. hears from a fellow mother nearly every week (and sometimes more often). After school, or...

Started by Katherine on 02/26/2012 in Toddlers

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into everything child!

Last week my newly 2 year old daughter was happily laying on my bed watching Dora about to fall asleep....I come downstairs to answer the phone and was gone maybe 2 minutes...

Started by Katie on 06/11/2009 in Terrible Two's

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