Introduction and summary of DS

Hi all! I'm Christina and new to the group. the journey we are on with our son is quite lonely at times and I felt it was time to reach out to others for more support. Here's...


Scrapbooking in Australia and New Zealand

Hi there, Looking for any other scrapbook enthusiasts in Australia and NZ on this forum. I just moved to Sydney and have found some good online resources in Australia. I would...

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My social butterfly

My 4 yr old was diagnosed with ADD. I have been trying to find out if I should have him tested for autism...his drs have not ruled it out. He is such a happy and playful child...


new man in my life

So I left my ex back in January and have not let my boys even see me talking to most of my friends that happen to be guys. About a month ago a friend the I have known for a...

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Being to over Protected with kids??

I am a single parent raising my 3 girls. My daughter which is 16 now wants to go hang out with friends and I told her she could for a couple of hours. Bowling and a movie. Okay...

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milk allergy

i have a friend that has a 4 month old little girl but she has a milk allergy and my friend wants some good recipes for a child with a milk allergy!! plz help?

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i really need help

If anyone can help me i do need advice. maybe i do not need adivce, i'm not sure. Right now I think about death so much. I tried to kill myself a few days ago but then...

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Has anyone had their child talk to a mental professional? If so did it help? I have been toying with this for months because I have a feeling my son has issues that he doesn’t...


Milk Allegery

Does anybody else have a baby that shows signs of allergies? From 3 weeks until 6 weeks, my baby boy, Reed, would cry and be gassy all day. I tried everything but he never...


Need a place to start!

I have a room pretty much dedicated to scrapbooking. I have all the supplies and embelishments, lots of pretty paper just waiting to be put to good use but am so over-whelmed...

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How to attract clients?!?!?

Hi! LeeAnn Watson here, and I started my buisness August 2008 and it took off with leaps and bounds! Now I feel like I in a rut and very discouraged. I have a full time job and...


Blogging Helps Me!!

Delete Are you sure? Yes | No Started by You (a moment ago) (no moms have responded yet) One of the things I've started doing recently is blogging. I have two. One about the...


I don't know how to save..

Does anyone have any good tips? I don't make much money, but when I come across a good amount it goes who knows where... HELP!

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Being single and being a mom

How does one do it? I feel so overwhelmed, but looking at that happy little boy's face is what keeps me goin'! Every time I feel like I'm about to drown, I come above for air....


Homeschooling Only One

I'm thinking of homeschooling my only child, a 5-year-old boy. I worry he may not get enough opportunities to form long-term independent friendships if he is homeschooled? What...

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Freaking out..

So, I am 21 and pregnant with my first child (a girl!) and me and my husband are really happy about having a baby but I am really freaking out. My husband is in the Army and is...

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