I want to start but i have know clue where to begin? I need some advice?

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How is Texas Fordhood/USA

My husband is moving to Texas Forthood I am a German, and working here as a product manager in the semiconductor branch. How is the job situation over there? How much need a...


what to call a miscarriage at 19 weeks..

I went for my 19week ultrasound where they told me my baby was no longer "viable". She had no heartbeat so I was to be induced and give birth to my daughter. Who was no longer...


Grieving for the loss of a child

I have started part 1 of a book that I am working on concerning grieving for the loss of a child. Part 1 just explains my situation and some of the feelings that I have had. I...

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self harm issues with bio mom

ok ive posted before with some issues we have had with my SD bio mom.. we found out a few months ago something had happened but not sure what .. she couldnt see her daughter for...



im 33 weeks with twins and omg every time I stand up or sit up my stomach gets rock hard, its a little uncomfortable. but after a few minutes it goes away. all my friends and...

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Income Tax!!

With income tax coming around I get about $2,000 each year for my son. I took him and my mom to Disney World last year and used some of it for bills. My question is should I...


Feeling like everything has changed

I have just had a new baby she's three weeks my oldest is 15 and middle is8 I had a awful time at the birth I had a section an they cut my bladder so wasnt well for a while but...

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birth certificate

The biological father and my had a relationship that was compromised from the beginning . I remained pragnent from the time I was still in high school and he "advised" me to...

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how do I handle being overwhelmed

I just had a baby a lil over a month n became a stay at home mom n its very overwhelming, i feel like I never even have time to pee, or get to eat or sleep, any advice on how to...

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