Pls help. My nine year old daughter has got into the habit of lying. She will look me in the eye and swear she is telling the truth, followed by tears if she is not believed,...

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My eight year old is a beautiful disaster.

My eight year old is a beautiful disaster. Smart, witty, funny and more than often very dramatic! We can’t go through a single day without some sort of “issue”. It gets...

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I dont like my 15 yr old daughters bf

my 15 year old daughter has started seeing a boy who lives 45 min away, they only see each other on weekends but talk flat out on phone. He isnt the type of boy I want for my...

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ugh. feeling like a terrible parent

well,my son just got diagnosed with ADHD. He is 8 years old. the reason I took him in is that he was failing second grade. now he is a very smart child but could not focus at...


My son thinks he can do what he likes now he is 18!

I would be very interested to know how parents enforce all of their advice about their 18 year old doing precisely what they like, when they like. All I ask is that he comes in...

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My 18 year old ran to our enabling neighbors home!

My son is 18 and is finishing his junior year of high school. I adopted him at the age of 9 from foster care. I'm not perfect & he was a difficult child but I tried to be...

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New and need to rant

So I am not a mom and will never biologically be a mother. I have never liked kids, in fact I recently just stopped calling her it. So long story short the mother and I have...



Hi im Vikki, mum to jason who is now 1 year and 3 months old, hes been suffering with eczema since he was four month old and hes still battling now. He has his good and bad days...


Anyone going back to work soon...

...and will you be going back to your old job? Hi ladies, we interviewed a few childminders over the past few weeks, and it was nerve wracking, fun, yet exciting in a weird...