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No friends/social activites

I have a 12 year old daughter that was DX with ADHD about 6 years ago. I think the thing that I worry about the most right now is her lack of social skills. I see kids her age...


married "single mom" needs friends

I have a great husband, but he works full time and goes to school full time. I am pretty much raising our 22 month old son alone. No local friends or family to talk to.

Started by Kim on 09/10/2015 in Toddler Moms

Last update on 09/11/2015 by Lilly


A open note to my friends on COM

I am going to South Africa, Cape Town for some much needed therapy for my PTSD. My anxiety is taking over my life and I am tired of it. Due to the fact I have been on a wait...

Started by Angela on 11/23/2011 in Bitchin Ladies

Last update on 12/11/2011 by ♥♪Megan♫♥


Finding friends same status of life

I have a very hard time finding friends with the same status as my family. Me and my fiance r young with a three year old. Most of our friends r the same age as us, but they r...

Started by Marta on 08/06/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 08/12/2009 by Marta


Upset friends over no No.2

Hi Everyone, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how did you handle it personally. Our DD was born before we were married, and is turning 4 very soon. Since...

Started by Emma on 11/15/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 11/19/2010 by Stephanie


in need of new friends

hi, my name is Ashley, i have a 1 and a half year old girl, im a single mom, and going to school... i have lost a good portion of all my friends... i cant seem to find any play...


Single Mom looking for single mom friends.

Hi, I'm Ashley and I'm new to this site, I am a completely single mom with a 2 year daughter Kaylee.I really don't have any friends because they all just want to party, I'm a...

Started by Ashley on 11/01/2013 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 01/01/2015 by Henry


Abortion - friendly discussion

I live in Australia and just through conversation with one of my friends, realised our laws for abortion have changed from 12 weeks to up to 20 weeks, I personally think that 20...


Looking for new friends or Mom

I looking for new friends for my kids I have 16 and 9 and my husand is in the navy and we going to church in dinsmore area and hopefully we can friends new friends in the area...


U.S. social system not child friendly?

OK, US moms, I am from Europe and I have heard that the social system in the US is not really child friendly. More particularly that after giving birth, you get 1 or 2 months...

Started by Anna on 06/12/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 06/24/2011 by Ann Marie


Friends...before and after?

Back in high school I wasn't super popular or anything but I had a ton of friends, went out on weekends, had girl nights, etc... When I had my first child a year later, I feel...

Started by Jennifer on 08/06/2011 in May 2011 Babies

Last update on 12/06/2011 by Lizzy


Death of a friends child

My best friend recently lost her four year old daughter (who is only 7 months younger than my own daughter). It has been hard for her. I just know that I need to be ther for her...

Started by Deanna on 02/08/2009 in My Children

Last update on 04/03/2013 by Mary Helen


I Need Friends!!!

I need friends that are Mothers. I am 23 years old and none of my friends have children yet. I have a 1 year old and would love to develop friendships with other Moms. It is so...

Started by Brittni on 10/02/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 09/02/2011 by Shannintipton


spend time with friends????

hello i was wondering if you all think its wrong for me to want to spend on new years eve with my friends instead of my husband??? I am 23 years old and i have a 3 year old and...

Started by Tiffany Dawn on 12/12/2012 in Want To Vent?

Last update on 12/13/2012 by Tiffany Dawn


advices about my daughters friends

My daughter is 13 and she get friends over at Friday Night or Saturday afternoon, and they stay over for sleep most of the time. They eat with us, dinner, or what ever i cooked...

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