I think I made this community to where you can invite your own friends, so please feel free to do that. Anyone is welcome. I know most of us know each other pretty well, but...

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Moving with a toddler?

My husband and I are moving to Missouri to be closer to his family but I am concerned about how the move will effect our 1 year old. She has always had my dad right next door...

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I have bee. Married 10 years and never been on vacation. I finally have the opportunity to visit my cousin in Hawaii. However I have an 9 yr old and a 4 month old...I plan on...

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Truthfully I need help

Truthfully I need help with how to save with this economy. I was laid of from my job in January and still have not found a new job. I really need to save money for the...

Started by Lisa on 07/06/2009 in Money Saving Tips

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New relationships

HI. I am looking for some advice, I have recently started a relationship with someone new and want to knoow if anyone has any suggestions on how & when to introduce him to my...


teaching kids turkish

Hi I am English and my husband is Turkish and we have two boys aged 3.5 and 9 weeks. We didn't commit ourselves to teaching our first son Turkish from the start and now hes 3.5...


Weekend activities, and play dates?

Lately, I have been feeling guilty for not doing more activities with my daughter. I love being home with her on the weekends and enjoy every minute we spend together, but I...


I don't know what to do...help please!

I'll try to get the details needed in without this becoming a long post.... My daughter is 10. Her Dad and I are both remarried with other children. Through a long and ugly...

Started by Sierra on 06/08/2009 in Divorced Moms

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Can their birthday be too extravagant?

I feel like i want my kids birthdays to be awesome, all my life my mum has been the quintessential cookies and milk mum, we had awesome birthdays and i want to hold up the...

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I'm new here and just saying hello

Hi to every one, I am going to be 24 this year and i am a mother of two. I have a fun and exaughsting 2 year old little girl and a pressious one month old baby girl. Their...

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TWO in December!

No, I am not having twins. I am scheduled to deliver via c-section on Friday, December 4th. I am so excited! My older daughter, who is about to be three, has a birthday...


Welcome! Bienvenidos!

Glad to have you hear! I just wanted to start something that was relative to my children and family! When joining please tell a little about yourself and your family!! Have fun...


Do you ever feel like giving up?

I just started going to college last year and i already have my Certified Nursing Certificate..Im just finding it hard to be a mother and do college, i do have a learning...

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Encouragement for a Gimp?

I have two beautiful children, Avalon and Raven (girl and boy), ages 20 months and 4 months, close, I know. I was just beginning to feel like I had things *sort of* under...

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