Only child.....not by choice.

My son is 5 and from a previous relationship. He is having a hard time at school with friends and when he goes to his dad's at the weekend his cousins (aged 7, 4 and 3) don't...


When did you decide to have another baby?

My daughter is almost 11 months old and my husband and I are entertaining the thought of having another child. How many children do you have? How far apart are they? I guess...

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Any ideas for inspiring .

My 6 yr. old an9 yr. old are actually doing fine and are progressing but some days its like pulling teeth. Any ideas for inspiring the kids to continue working and wanting to...


does anyone else feel like a single mum?

my husband has asked me to find a job so all the ones i have found are on his 2 days off sun n mon but he dosnt want me to take them as he dosnt want to look after the kids on...

Started by Annemaree on 04/30/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Stay at home mom

Everyone seems to have an opinion about if and when a stay-at-home mom should work. Its usually because no one allowed them to do it. If you have the support of your spouse or...

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Stupid Witch

My SO's brother has been with his girlfriend for about 9 years. Chad and I have been together for about 5 years. And my....not sister in law...but whatever she is, takes bitch...


My daughter

Born August 13th 2002. I knew while she was still inside of me that she was going to be independent and strong willed. And that she is. I had a vision of what she would be...


How can I get an ODD diagnosis

My 7yr old son has ADHD. He is on Ritalin. The meds help him calm down and focus. I have read up on ODD and so many of the symptoms fit. Everything with him is a battle. He has...


Group Guidelines and Welcome!

Welcome to No More Tears. Just a few general guidelines for everyone. This can get to be a heated topic, so let's make sure we keep things civil. Please do not use...

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