Thinking I'm losing my mojo

One day I have the perfect oppurtunity to get intimate with my dh then and in the mood then something comes up. Have another oppurtunity to get intimate willing to try, but not...


I have a 2 yr old that is such a picky eater

Ok, my 2 yr old son is so picky!! He hates almost all Fruits and is limited on what he will eat in the vegetable department. My 1 yr old daughter Loves fruits and vegetables...

Started by Rachel on 04/01/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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No interest.

My 12 year old son is only interested in TV & play station. No other activities. How can I keep him occupied with more interesting things his age. He is not to keen on sports.


Daughter not wanting to get big.

Every so often my daughter and I have this converstion about her not wanting to get big. Mind you my daughter is only 4 years old. The converstation usually begins with Zoriah...



Has anyone every dreamt about the sex of the baby you were having or what the baby would look like and it all turned out true or close to it??? I DID, I keep a dream log,...

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Freezing eggs

I was reading an article in a magazine today regarding the increase of women in their 20's freezing their eggs for use when they are older. The article states: The average age...


Todler discipline

My nineteen month old is usually very good but this week he's been knocking down the plants in the house.I give him a smack on the hand and I'm very firm but he still thinks its...


help, ready for potty training?

some said that once your child started to take off his nappy from time to time(after you put in on), he is ready for the potty training? my 2 year old son do this from time to...



I'm going back to work in just under 2 weeks. I'm getting myself psyched up for leaving my son during the daytime, but now my partner wants to have a date night, too. The...

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I want to start working...

I am a mother to 4 children aged 3,4,6 and 6.. two of the children are my stepchildren .... anyway I have bin a stay at home mom since my fist child was born... My husband and I...


Birthday Ideas for my 2 Year Old

Hey there, I'm looking for birthday ideas for my 2 year old son. Gift ideas, party ideas, theme ideas. We went with the Disney Pixar's Cars theme last year, so that's out of the...

Started by Shayna on 08/22/2010 in Toddlers

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the replacement mom

Hey all, just looking for some support. As of two weeks from now, I should be finally divorced. It's been fairly rocky being separated for about a year and a half. I have a two...

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I told my 3 year old son that he needed to be in school today because Mommy had to go to work and school and he asked me why nobody wants him.. It was beyond heartbreaking to...


Thanksgiving Teaching Moments for Preschoolers

Here are some simple and very inexpensive ways to teach preschoolers (ages 2-5) using the Thanksgiving theme: Basic Math (Counting) - Game Cut out a turkey shape out of brown...

Started by Rebekah on 11/21/2010 in Christian Mommies

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HELP with baby names

I know everyone sees these posts everywhere but i am COMPLETELY stumped what to name our baby (Due in june 2011). i find out in 4 wks if its a boy or girl, but i feel its most...



I generally don't do the resolution for New Years thing. However, I've made a resolution this year about not getting so angry when I go to my usually deserted building's gym in...

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