Hi Ladies, Nice to join in with older moms. I'm 51 and have a 32 yr. old step-daughter and a 15 yr. old natural daughter. Fun being a mom to both. Step-daughter and I know each...

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I am new to the site and just wanted to say "Hello". If there is anything I should know about responding to others' posts, please feel free to let me know. Any suggestions...

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any BJU users?

Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to start my 2nd year of homeschooling with 1 in pre k and a second grader. the oldest will be using BJU's distance learning this year. We are...

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Travel Advices and tips for baby

Travelling with the whole family can get stressful sometimes especially when it comes to preparation and packing. If you're the type of mom that loves outdoor fun with your...

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Mom doesn't think I deserve a baby shower help

I was studying for pharmacy tech when my mom came up btw I'm 26 and still living with her. She looked at the notebook where I had all my baby shower details and basically I...

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breastfeeding vacation?

Hi, I am breastfeeding my third child, who is almost 9 months old. My milk dried up with my first two children after 7 months each, although I would have liked to nurse longer....


To work or not to work???

Hi there I'm just wondering if anyone else out there can identify with my current dilema - it's a bit of a catch 22, really. I would like to work (part-time or from home)...

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trouble with change

My son is four and boy does he have issues with change and transitions. Today I clean the playroom in our home and he FREAKED because I moved his table to the center of the...


Penalty Points!......

My partner got 2 penalty points on his licence and an 80 Euro fine while driving to work this morning. He was caught doing 88km per hour in a 50 zone. This is the first time...

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4 wheeler or ATV for 5 y/o??

Hey everyone, I need some help. I'm considering getting my 5 y/o (well, 5 in Jan.) daughter and ATV or 4wheeler for Christmas. In the area we live, the streets are unsafe for...

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quiet time

i have three children only one is in school so the other two are running amuck at home with me most of the day and i am having a hard time finding quiet time for myself and the...

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