I'm a mother of 6. Last one just born 7 weeks ago.

I've been busy the last 13 years. I'm married and my husband and I live very different lives. We have different interests and it gets challenging to have quality family time....

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Gluten free recipes.

I have an allergy to gluten, so no rye, barley, wheat. Does anyone have any recipes for desserts or meals that don't have gluten in them? I am quickly running out of recipes for...

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On My Own...

My husband has accepted some work in Alberta (we're in Quebec) for the coming months. He will be there for 3 weeks and here for 1 week until the end of the contract (maybe...

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stepping up and being her mom

a yr and a helf ago i become a mother of two in two weeks my son was born on april 26 and 2 week later may 12my daughter came to live with not in a normal way u c her mom left...


Asperger's and ODD

Hi there, my name is Tonya. My son Christopher is 11 yrs old. He just had a psych evaluation done and was diagnosed with Asperger's, ODD, General Anxiety Disorder, Depression,...


losing baby weight

Hey I'm looking for new healthy ideas that's fun for all the family. I really want to tone done to my original size12/14

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How to balance work and homeschooling?

Hello. I have wanted to home school my children since my daughter started public school three years ago. Now that I am building a network marketing business from my home, it...

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dautghter acting badly only w/ mom

my daughter is 2 and I am a stay at home mother. She is HORRIBLE with me! We have no family here, so it's just her, her dad and I. But the thing is, she is the perfect angel...

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Need advice on Stranger Danger!!!!

My 3 yr old daughter will run up to anyone and give them hugs and talk to them. I am trying to teach her about Stranger Danger. It scares me that she is that comfortable...

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1st Birthday Dilemma...

Hello ladies, I am hoping you all might give some advice. I am having a bit of a dilemma when it comes to my daughters first birthday party, this February. Let me first give a...


momma's boy

My son was born May 4 and is a real Momma's boy, much more than his 2 year old brother ever was. Of course, I'm now a SAHM, so he's never had to stay with anyone else before. He...

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Cruise or All-inclusive Vacation with 3yr old twins

My family is planning a big extended family vacation when my twins will be 3 years (38 months to be exact) and we were asked whether we would prefer a cruise or all-inclusive...

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2-year old says she doesn't want a birthday party

My little girl is turning 3-years old in about 4 weeks, so I'm trying to plan her birthday party by the end of this week so I won't be stressing at the last minute. I've...

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