My son will not poop on the potty

My almost 7 year old will not poop on the potty. He has high functioning autism. I have tried many different ideas from family, Internet, doctor. I'm a very patient mom, but now...


50ish year old mum.

hi there my name is angie, how are you, how many bos and girls do you have. i have eight children, the eldest whould have been 32 years old this comming august, but he died...

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Missing out for a good reason

I have a 10 month old son, in may my sister in law's children were taken away by S.S. Her 3 older ones went to her mom, and we toke the youngest who is 7 months old. I feel...

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Baby sitters

So I've been thinking about baby sitters? I have a sitter who can look after bubs but I'm always taking him around there. I find this inconvienient someetimes, as it means i...


when race is pressed upon ur child

i have a 12,10,4 and 3mo.old i ahve never played ur black and that's it game with my kids yet my daugther who's father and i are no longer together gos for a visit and comes...


Baby Weight - DESPERATE

Anybody got good ideas to get rid of baby weight. My son is 2 yrs 8 mnths and i'm still trying to loose the weight. I'm currently taking Herbex 20 -40age group, but not even...

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Hi. I'm new to the community

Hi! I am the mother of 2 wonderful children of my own; daughter age 7 and son age 2. My husband has 3 older children as well. 2 from his ex-wife and 1 from and ex-girlfriend....



I lost my son Thayne November 30, 2009. He was 21 weeks gestation. My husband is in prison, and we also have a daughter Raynee who is 18 months. My life is very chaotic, and...


4 weeks to go & nervous...

I am working right now, however get off next friday...will have two weeks to myself (hopefully) until Andres is born...Noticing that when I do have time though I find myself...

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Birthday Ideas

I'm an American and have been living in London for the past 5 years. My daughter's first birthday is coming up soon and I'm at a loss as to how to make it special! We've just...


So depressed and don't know what to do ...

On complete bed rest now until I deliver. My mom is here helping out. My husband hates her and I'm not always the greatest fan of her either. She has been very helpful but...


How do you bond with your step sons?

Okay so 3 years in I'm starting to realise I need to make some adjustments in my family life. I see him as an outsider and someone that just interrupts my happy home. I need to...

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sd hates me

just found out n i wished i didnt but my step daughter hates me read her fb page n yeah.the only posts on her page we her bitching about me should i even care..the stuff she was...

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HELP!!!!!! What do I do????

I've known this guy since I was 13 years old. He was the bad boy that always got into trouble, but he has the heart of gold that only his friends and family know about and have...

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Moving & seperation anxiety

We have recently moved to a new home and my son is having a very hard time adjusting. He is 3 years old and has very limited speech, which he is going to therapy for. He has...

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