overwhelmed, taken for granted, help?

This may be somewhat long, so i appriciate whoever actully reads this and gives me some advice. I'm 19, i have two sons, one is almost 3 & the other is 4 months, i'm with the...


Hello Everyone

I am 31 years old with two beautiful, active daughters, a full time job, an active member with in our church, and a husband working two jobs(which I never see). At our church, I...

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New to Here

Im looking for support, After the break up with my fiance when my daughter was six months old I have been to hell and back it has now been 2 years since the break up n my...

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I am a mom of a 22 month old, and a 7 month old. It is fun. ..but hectic sometimes. I am married and my husband is the primary worker in the family. I work part time doing...


New Member

Hi Ladies, just joined today, as we're all at home w/ a snow day! I've got 3 kids (4.5 boy, 3yo girl, 4mo boy), and a great husband. I used to work but am SAHM now, and i do...

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Son born Sept 08

Hello, My son was born on Sept 16, 2008 (which happens to be my birthday). He was actually 4 weeks early. But is doing just fine now. We just moved to Newport News, Va because...


hello from Junebug mommy

Hi Ladies, just wanted to introduce myself. I have two boys, one born June 06 and the other August 08. I am currently on mat leave but I am not sure if I will go back to work....

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Hello everybody my name is Nicole and I am mother to a 4 year old little girl named Kaitlin. Just wanted to say hello to everybody and hopefully we can get this group bigger!

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Christian Mom & Grandparent

Hi Everyone, I am a Christian Mom & Grandmother. My husband & I are about to adopt 2 wonderful children who have been with us for almost a year now. We have fallen in love...


Birthday party ideas...

My oldest son will be 2 in May and we had a party for him last year outside at a park. But now that he is more outgoing and adventerous I was wondering if anyone had any cheap...

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limiting out to eat

We are a family of 5 , with 2 teenage boys. If we go out to just Steak and Shake or Big Boy it is $60-70 each time. So...we have been fixing more meals with my at home...

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HI My name is Nicole and I am a SAHM to two beautiful kids, 1 Boy named Jake and 1 girl named Mia. Jake is 2 and Mia is 6!


New to the group! HI Ladies

My son will be 2 in June. Why do they call it the terrible 2's when it starts when they can walk and vocalize? He is a mama's boy. He does love to climb! I am just waiting for...

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