Inattentive ADD

Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone has a son diagnosed with inattentive ADD (I suspect based on what I was told that my son may have this disorder). My 4 year...



My little guy seems to have hit the terrible twos a little bit early, and he has no respect for me, his father, or anyone else for that matter. We have been trying to hold him...


My ex husband molested my daughter

January 9, 2011 I am desperate. Im living in darkness. In a bad dream that I can not wake up from. February 2007 my then 3 year old daughter began coming home raw and red on...


HELP with my 6 year old

Hello everyone, Some of you have read my posts about my relationship problems and have offered me great advice which finally gave me the strength to leave that unhealthy...


Are You Helping or Enabling ?

Written by Candy Arrington Some tweens have a problem being responsible for their belongings. Tara was halfway to her appointment when her cellphone rang. It was her son...


Riots coming to America?

We have all seen the damage caused by the riots in Britain. It was uninhibited anarchy and lawlessness. For five days, animal-like mobs burned businesses and homes, hospitalized...

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Just had the ADHD diagnosis - What now?

Hi, our 9 year old boy has just got an ADHD diagnosis. We are now on the reasearch trail for any info that may be of help. Our story : We felt that something wasnt right for...


Even Teams

Hello, I'm a mom of two girls and two boys. My daughters are Payton Dawn 16, Natasha Kelly 13. My sons are Mason Briley 9, Vincent Cameron 2. They are wonder and handfuls. I am...


Christian Mom's BLOG

http://dancingitr.blogspot.com/ I am a Christian mom of 3, and I've been writing and journaling for many years. My husband, friends, and family encouraged me to start a BLOG...

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Does any moms go to church

with out there husbands or boyfriends ?I do my husband works in the morning ,but when he is home for some reason he does go .I guess iam wondering does it ever have a conflect...

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Does anyone know how to keep an adhd child focused and stop fighting with his sister? My 7 year old has adhd along with learning disabilities and my 8 year old is having a very...


New and full of Questions

My Name is Kari, This is my story... I have one beautiful child and she is a blessing because I was told when I was 10 yrs old that I would never have children of my own. I...