still feeding every 3hrs during the day

my son is 16wks old and he still feeds every 3hrs during the day. i have to admit he only feeds 0-1 time between 9pm and 6am. do any other mum have the same problem. ive tried...


how can i increase supply?

i am working and breastfeeding. My son is two months old. I was just curious if there were any foods/natural remedies to increase my supply so I can continue to give him breast...



How effective is the IUD birth control? Has anyone gotten pregnant while on it? I had my daughter on June 19th, 2009 and am thinking of using this type of birth control but want...



My 5 mo. old son has a severe case of eczema. We've tried all sorts of things. Please if you know anything that helps, we'd love to hear about it.


Getting son to read

My son who has not liked reading since he started school just wont read a book. He has to read 15 mins a night and I know he does not read. I tell him too and he says he has and...

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im taking my son to a new surestart group friday n lets just say i aint good wid new people its scares the life into me i know i have to do it for my son but i just wonderd if...



Ok my daughter bron at 36 weeks with gastroschisis (inside outisde body) She has been stuffy, runny nose, really really bad cough, can't sleep and is just grumpy... Nothing...

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Give them a chance?

Should babies born before 23 weeks be given the chance to be saved? I was reading a magazine article about a women whose baby was born at 22 weeks (only missing the 23 week cut...

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Teeth, anyone?

At 17 mos, my daughter still has only three teeth - the two middle bottom, and one middle top, with it's partner coming in slowly. We have an appointment with the pediatric...


:( No longer taking the breast

I really want to breastfeed my son. But today it's seemed that all day he hasn't really wanted the breast. He pushes me away and [I know he doesn't *hit*] but he hits it and he...


Age recommendations on toys

I know they have certain ages on toys for obvious reasons. But is it always necessary to follow this exactly? I work at a dollar store, and see that some parents won't let...



My 13 month old seems to have eczema I think on the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. She's not a full time walker yet so I can't see it being from that. And she's...

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