hair cut

My 3.5 yr old does not like getting his hair cut. It's such a battle when he goes. We get it short so he doesn't have to go but every couple months. Does anyone know what I can...


Feeling like a bad mother

i would like to know if other single mothers think that sometime they are bad mothers and let other people say that they are and that beacuse everyone is saying it that they...

Started by Rochell on 04/07/2010 in Single Moms

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The 16 & Prego Episodes

I see that someone posted something about this a while ago...but it's a new season. I just wanted to know how some of you felt about the show and the girls on it. For me, I...

Started by Lighann on 04/08/2010 in Celebrity Gossip

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Pre-School Lottery???

So my son will be old enough and eligible to start pre-school in the fall. I called today and found out some interesting information about the school in this tiny little...

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Halloween Decorations

This is maybe a bit more of a rant than a debate... Do you decorate the outside of your house for Halloween? How far do you go, if you do? We really don't do much for...

Started by Becky on 09/13/2011 in Hot Topics

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How long does your 4 month old sleep?

My daughter is 4 months old now, and I can still count on one hand the number of times she's slept 7 or 8 hours. Most of the time, it's 5 hours, and then up to eat (and wants to...

Started by Michelle on 01/11/2009 in Babies And Infants

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Potty Training

What is a good age to start potty training? My daughter is soon to be 16 months.. Thanks for any help or advice you might have...



Hello amazing mothers I found out my 9 week old baby had no heartbeat yesterday. Am due for the d&c in two days. I am devastated . Absolute heartbroken. I feel I failed my...


Cyber Bullying

There's been a case here this week of a 14 year old girl committing suicide after being harrassed and targeted via Facebook and MySpace. She was the fourth student from the same...

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Why can't my toddler talk?!

Hello Ladies, I am just getting very overwhelmed so I thought I'd write this and send it into cyber space. My son is 28 months and can barely talk. He says a handful of...

Started by Danielle on 02/01/2011 in Toddler Moms

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help me understand my son

Hi I have a 4 year old son and he was diagnosed with mild autism in December of 2008. Since he was a baby he was always a little different. He was delayed in motor skills like...


Mother in law problems

Ok so my MIL and I have been having quite a few problems. Mainly since we found out we are pregnant (36 wks now) She says we (hubby and I) have robbed her of her happiness to be...



I was reading a article the other day about premature births in the USA. In the article the writer quoted (this isn’t word for word) a MD saying that premature births have...

Started by Andrea on 06/08/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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Break up/stay together. What if i make the wrong 1

My boyfriend and I have been together since we were 16, So 7 years now. We have had so many break ups i cant count. But when i got pregnant with our baby boy, it forced us to...

Started by Amanda on 06/09/2009 in Single Moms

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