Son Leaving for the Military

I have two sons 18 and 15. We are a very close family and my 18 year old has decided to join the Coast Guard. He leaves two weeks before Thanksgiving so he will be gone for...

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2 TEEN GIRLS.....:.HELP !!!!!!!

Ok, here it goes, I have 2 teenage daughters 13 & 15, I have taken their phones away, that was for several different reasons, 1st time they had back-talked w/phone in hand,...

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Creation - The Universe

So, I don't remember if I mentioned or not, but we are taking a Creation class at church right now and today was about the Solar System. There is so much in the Bible, that...


How to compromise?

So I've been rather broody lately and started talking a lot to my partner about another baby, adding to our now 20 months old. He is reluctant, mainly because our daughter is a...


**NEVER** be 'put off'

If i had listened to my midwifes, consultants and even some of my family - I wouldn't be sat here gloating, and smiling about the experiences I've had in reguards home birth....


Teen mums at school

Who are teen mothers? We know who we are. We are individuals, each with our own story and our own dreams! We are women who had our babies in our teens. We know who we are...but...

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Hi all! I'm a mom in school and I have to write an opinion essay. I'm doing it on co-sleeping. I just wondered what other mom's thought about it?

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needing advice..

ok i have a 6 yr old ss and a 4 yr old sd.. their bm doesnt believe in any holiday other than thanksgiving.. my husband and i grew up knowing every holiday. my husband was...

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What do you do about the pre teen additude

My son is 11 going on 12 on october and he has a pre teen additude, he thinks he knows it all and he can do what ever he wants, the worst is that he doesn't want to listen to...

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Bitter Sweet??????

So my daughter is little over 7 months old, I feel I have went through hell (excuse my french) and back with her first we had colic, than shes bored than she has healthy...

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Out of control!

I have a stepson who is 11 yrs old. We are having a HUGE problem with the lying ,stealing, and cheating on homework, forging signatures and hurting other children's...


Calling all MP or Airborne wives

DH really wants MP and go Airborne afterwards. I don't quite understand how you can be at an Airborne unit and then move to a new post where you are not Airborne. Can you please...


What am I doing wrong?

It has been a month since my angel Coralee Veronica went home to the lord. She was still born on 6/4/09 @ 2:56am @ 18 wks. This is the 3rd prenancy that has suddenly ended for...


Weening at a year

A few people tell me my son is a comfort nurser, he nurses in the morning a little bit after he gets up, when he goes down for his morning nap (but not every day) and sometimes...

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