Australian vs. American Gun Laws

I know gun laws are discussed here often, everyone might be tired of them, but I think they are improtant discussions. Recently, a young Australian Baseball player on...

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Teenager who just got her license

My daughter just got her license last month.. Her father and I are not together and we are both remarried. We alternate weeks, the week she's by me she goes by him one night...


Words of Hope and Inspiration.

I was hoping we could put inspiring or story of hope in here. If ever your struggling or having a down moment. I was thinking you could come in here and get some inspiration....

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Not sure if my daughter has ADHD

My 7 year old has alwyas been pretty hyper. It wasn't anything that I really worried about when she was younger to be honest though until she turned 5. By the age of 5, I was...


Frustrated with custody situation

I have a 5 year old son who has been the center of a very ugly custody battle for over 3 years now. The sad part is, its not with his father, but with my own mother. In fact,...


Is You Is Or Is You Ain't His Baby

Hi ladies.This is my situation, so I'll be as brief as possible. I know 95% of the replies will probably place me and the bad guy in all this, but I'm trying not to be. Firstly,...

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Where to sleep?

My daughter is now five months old. She still sleeps in our bed. And I'm not ready for her to sleep in her own bed yet. Everyone keeps telling me its time to move her. Is she...

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Been there

Hi. My husband went like three times over the course of our 10 yrs together , for 1+ - 2+ yrs each time. Also brief stints in jail. All for driving on 15 yr revoke pretty much....


They didn't tell me he has ADHD?!?

Hi Dayhome/ Daycare Moms!! I am new to this forum, but have been looking for a support-type group like this for a while. It's nice to talk things out with other people who are...


think of the kids before you speak!

I have been reading through a few comments tonight and I am getting sick of the "teenagers are crap parents" attitude! the number of times I have been told I look too young to...


baby's father

I am pregnant with my ex boyfirend's baby. I left my job because of him. I was scared. His "friend" called my job as "him" to get my fired. The reason was because we broke up...

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birth mother of adopted child

I decided to (one more time) start looking for my first child who is now 41 yrs old. I was one month into my 15th year on earth when I gave birth, was raped by a family member...



I need ideas for working moms and fast dinners for weeknights. Any help out there?

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