ADHD or Naughty?

http://www.virtualmedicalcentre.com/diseases.asp?did=477#How_is_it_diagnosed There seems to be a lot of stigma surrounding the diagnosis of ADHD and ADD. According to this...

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My sons father is so stubborn!!!!

Ok so I will make this as brief as possible. I was with my sons father for a little over 6 months when I found out I was pregnant. I felt although I wasn't ready, at 28 I should...


still not walking?

My sons 11months an still not walking? he can sit up really well and crawl but he more drags him self then crawling cuz he not using his legs just his arms, Ive been told hes in...


How do I get my 11 yr. old to stop bedwetting?

My 11 yr. old is still wetting the bed, I believe because its easier than getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. She still has accidents when she goes to a...

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baby rice at 3 month???????

Ive seen a few mums give there babies rice at as young as 2 months......... is it bad starting at 3 months?

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Is it ok for my baby to watch tv?

My little girl loves to watch tv... she likes when the people on the screen are really big and look like they are talking to her... but i don know if it is ok for her to watch...


Is there a way to unspoil a baby?

My baby always wants to be carried or she will start crying til she gets picked up or she will cry herself to sleep. I was to told to let her cry to unspoil her??


Sign Language

Shane is now four months and three weeks old. I am really considering starting to teach him to sign. Has anyone had any success with this? When did you start teaching? Do ya'll...


Is my son late at talking?

My son is 17 months on the 3rd of July. He says a few words like bath time,quad,no,go and of course mom and dad. All of these words and maybe a couple more are not said all the...


nursing in public

Just thought I'd share a nice story: I took my daughter (3 months old) to the mall for some pictures. I planned it so that she would probably be hungry just before our session...

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worst teen mom

I hate when people talk about married moms like they're the only good moms in the world! Like i could be having a conversation with someone about moms who beat their kids or...