just need advice and support

i haven't filed for anything yet, but it seems like its going to me my next move.... so here's my story (i'm using posts i've made other places so i don't have to re type it...



THE BIRDS OUR TEACHER BY JOHN S There is a website that we can use to help us with this book www.Christianbook.com/coffeehouse I am looking forward to reading this book with...



I'm new to Facebook and found this community. I'd love to network with any other moms with breast cancer. I'm stage 4 and don't know anyone else who is stage 4 and still has...


New To group

Hey everyone. I'm Shannon and I'm new to this group. I am a recent widow of almost 7 months with 2 children. My daughter is 14 and my son is 11. I have been getting on this...

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BM getting on my last nerve!!!!!!!!

I am 26 years old. i have twin daughters who are mine. and my boyfriend who i have been with for 6 years has two children with his ex girlfriend, a b/g who are 9 and 10 years...

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ok here is the deal, hubby and I met in 06 got married in 08, and now been married a year, when we first got together my SD was four, now 7 she is a good kid, but deffinitely...

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Health Insurance Issues

Cassie is on SSI. She is also on MA and is supposed to have continuous coverage. I got a notice on 2/26 that her insurance would be ending 2/28. 2 days notice? Seriously?...


How to ask your MIL to follow the rules?

My mother in law is a wonderful woman, and as a grandma she spoils my daughter, and as a grandma she lives her dreams of having a daughter vicariously through her. How ever as a...