My son is 84 weeks and is very very cheeky, he scream a lot and never listen to a word i say....? I feel like smacking him but feel sorry for him, how can i teach him ??????

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I was a young mom, but now....

I was 16 when I had my first child, I didn't have a lot of support from family. It was just my husband and I and he was deployed a lot. I know how hard it is to be a teen mom,...



ok so heres the deal me and my fiance have been engaged for a while and been waiting til we get the funds to pull off a wedding well we are both getting sick of waiting and have...


Where do you go?

As a single mom, where do you go to meet guys? No, I am not one of those girls who NEEDS a guy in her life, but I've just broken off a relationship with a guy who was... Better...

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Terrible two's????

Hello, My daughter is 22 months, and lately has been unbelievably crabby!!! This new attitude has just started like 2 weeks ago, but she is starting to drive me nuts with it! My...


School decisions

My 8 year old son has ADHD and he is getting left behind at school. My mother-in-law has suggested for him to attend boarding school as he has started to say some cruel and...


heartsick over this

I am a the mother of 2 kids we adopted 2 years ago. I also work at a childcare center that takes a lot of voucher children. we currently have 2 children who are in foster care...


Can I handle 7 kids?? HELP!

I posted this on the large family link, but thought you all would have some good advise for me too. Getting a bit freaked out and can use all the help I can get! We currently...


Traveling with potty training 18 month old..

I recently started potty training my son who will be 18 months in a week, he is doing awesome! I would say we are about 80% potty trained. I was having some concerns about it...

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teaching kids turkish

Hi I am English and my husband is Turkish and we have two boys aged 3.5 and 9 weeks. We didn't commit ourselves to teaching our first son Turkish from the start and now hes 3.5...


A little about me...

I live in Oakland. I am married. I have two daughters ages 5 and half and 3 almost 4. I homeschool and am a stay at home mom. I do volunteer work with an animal rescue and...


how old is too old or how young is too young?

looking for opinions on when is it to early or late for someone to have a baby.... I think it is selfish if a person is too old or to young to have a baby. I was 19 when I had...

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