Hello from a newbie!

Hello everyone! I found this group through facebook. I am a photographer in Port St Lucie, FL with a 9 month old little girl. I was browsing the groups on this site and saw...

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I thankfull for

I greatfull for God showing me that I had flammatory breast cancer when he did,so that I am still here today with my love one's and my beautifull eight kittie's.That I have a...

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UMM life vent..

It's just been a rough few years for me. I got muscle spasms so bad that when my first son was only 4 months old I couldn't lift him for a week. Went to the doctors and they...

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Is homeschooling best?

So my son isn't old enough for school yet, but i'm thinking when he gets that age that I'm going to homeschool. I just dont feel it's good to send him to public school...


18 months and hasnt started walkin yet??

my son was born at 24 weeks at 1lb 10oz. He has IVHs grade 4 both side of his brain. Hes 18 months now doin great lots of energy crawls everywhere. I stopped takin him to the...

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lying 8 year old

This might be kinda long. So my sister had her third baby in february, he's a little over 3 months now. Her two other kids are a son 8, and a daughter, 5 almost 6. Her son...


discouraging crying wolf

Man its driving me crazy! The constant blagging, lying and so on. If someone constantly says they feel sick when they do not you can easily miss when they are (astonishingly...

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soiling pants: medical condition?

Hi. My 7yr old son has had sludgy loose poo since birth. He soils his pants often as he can't hold it in. As he has got older they have become more solid but still has runny poo...

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pregnant advise

hi,im 43 and 5 weeks pregnant SHOCK... l suffer from ms, l ihave had 4 kids all grown up now. a part of me wants this baby and a part of me says no... what happens after i give...


Neighbor mom a bully?

I feel like my 6 yr old daughter is being bullied by a neighbor mom. If my daughter tries to invite her daughter to play, or goes outside to play with her, the neighbor mom...


Does my daughters "father" have rights to see her?

Hi I need help and advice, I live in the UK and have twins by a man who denied that they were his from day one, even when i was pregnant! I met and married a great guy, who...

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