baby's with difficulties....

my son had a lot of problems when he was born i would love to hear what it's like from an outsider to know what it's like to have a normal birth and pregnancy....


im still feeling guilty

i developed a rare condition, pregnancy related golden staph at 24wks, my first girl arrived a wk later as my body rejected her. the disease left her lungs damaged and were...


What would you do?

My husband is in the military and is still jr enlisted. He has only been in for 2 1/2 yrs so his pay is not so great. We both lost our jobs within 2 months of each other. He...



HI my fellow Moms.. My husband is a police officer and I am a SAHM of 3 girls.. Looking to meet , chat with other moms who understand what we deal with being married to our...


In need of a friend!

Although my baby is just over 6 months, sleping through the night and is an over all, good baby, I still get a litle depressed every once in a while. My husband works 12 hour...


Finding work after staying at home

I would love to start working again but I've been home for the last 7 years and it seems that gap makes prospective employers less likely to hire me. Any suggestions? Thanks,...


is there any way out?

ok...so this is gonna be kinda long so bare with me here... I'm living with my boyfriend (who is mentally challenged), our two yr old daughter and im 8months pregnant. he gets...

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Just wanted to introduce myself.

Hi gals! I am a SAHM currently, and married to a police officer. So, my husband's schedule naturally sucks. Lol. I'm in the process of getting my alternative teacher's...

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Managing/Coping with Reflux

My 3 month old daughter has reflux. I've always suspected it with her crying spells but it really only become apparent the last 2 weeks. Up until 2 weeks ago she was feeding...


Just feeling lost

I am a mother of two (girl 25 and boy 16.) I just lost my dad a week ago and my mom a yr and 7 months a brothr in August I just need moms out there to talk to

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Pregnant with child number 4

Hello I am pregnant with my 4th child.I am very undecided right now. I am also afraid of what others will say about me when they find out. I thought about having a abortion but...


Asking for supporting courses..so difficult.

Hello I'm a new member here. I have problems, could there be anyone help me, please? My oldest son 10,3 years old is difficult to understand that it is important for him to...

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First plane ride with toddler

Hi - my husband is from Italy and we are going to visit his family at the end of August. It will be my 2 year old daughter's first time on an airplane and it will be 9 hours :(...

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