Missing posts?

Anyone have ideas on how to look up conversations you started? I started a post on friday, I only check this at work, so I haven't been on until today. I can't find it. It...


From Breast to Bottle

Hi, I have a 4 month old little girl called Aimee who has inherited my stubborn streak and refuses to take a bottle. I am enjoying breast feeding her but could do with a break...


I want to stop night time nursing HELP!!!!

I really want to stop night time nursing. My daughter just turned 1 so im ready to stop it. Some nights she sleeps all night but most of the time she'll get up 1 or 2 times to...


am i welcome?

hey everyone! i just thought i would introduce myself and share a bit of my breastfeeding story. i am 22 years old and my husband and i got married on february 12 2009. about...


Advice on cloth diapers

I just recently purchased Flip cloth diapers. Used them for 2 days and back to regular diapers I went. I really wanna use cloth because of the money saving and less trash! I...



Hey everyone, 3 days ago my 9mth old decided she didnt want the boob anymore. Its really weird as I totally did not expect this to happen. I am trying to give her formula but...


Help me out on this qustion Plaese""

My year old son is still breastfeeding.I was wondering how long should I wait with giving the breastmilk in a tipy cup that he drink's is juice from before letting him drink 1%...

Started by Desiree on 01/09/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Tummy trouble remedies

My 8 mos old has had first watery diarreah and now very very loose stools for 4 days now. I stopped feeding her everything except for rice cereal, mixed cereal, and applesauce,...


My 11 month old won't drink his milk

I have exclusively breast fed my son since birth. He is so attached to my breast but I have to stop breastfeeding because I am ready I start working again. I have talked to his...


*****FACTS OF ASD's*****

Facts About ASDs Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges....


9mth old wont take the breast no more

my 9mth old wont take the breast about 2 days ago i went to feed him and he refused to feed he just turns his head and still wont have a bar of it. he is now taking the bottle...

Started by Lynette on 03/05/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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How to get you five year old ready for the twins

I have a five year old daughter whos birthday is in October. There is a good chance the twins will be born in October also. Olivia acts like she is excited about her new...

Started by Trisha on 06/21/2009 in Twins

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Using alternative methods to combat GBS?

Is anyone planning on not being tested for GBS or if testing, using Hibiclens rather than antibiotics? I am going very natural for this (my second) pregnancy and am very very...

Started by Lindsey on 08/08/2011 in October 2011

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