Well im a 24 year old single mom who lives in mesa az. my son is 3 with aspergers and my daughter is two with a terrible attitude.. i'm soo stressed out i dont know what to do...


Sensory disorder

Is it possible to detect autism or a sensory disorder when they are so young? My son has issues with some textures and has never liked to cuddle. He is already great at using...


1st Birthday Plans

What are your plans for your baby's first birthday party? I am putting together an invitation list that keeps growing and it looks like it will be too many people for our house...

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to corner or not to corner?

my youngest is 20 months and the corner does not have the desired affect. any suggestions? and pls don't say the bathroom because he'll be drinking the toilet water-lol


Day Care Trouble

So here's my situation: My daughter is just about 16 months and has been in day care for a year now. She moved up to the 1-year-old room on her 1st birthday and ever since I've...

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Nap Survey

On average how many naps does your baby take a day? How long are they? How long do they sleep at night? We have started only taking two naps a day. Because the 3rd nap...

Started by Lauren on 03/20/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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Neighbor Kid, am I wrong?

So there's a kid (boy) close to my son's age living next door. His mom and dad work weird hours (2nd and 3rd shift) so their relatives watch him. He plays outdoors in the...


sippy cups

I have been giving my 7 month old son a sippy cup for the past month and he still does not know how drink out of it. He puts the right end of the sippy cup in his mouth but all...


Hylands teething recall

They're recalling these popular teething tablets because they contain inconsistent amounts of belladonna. Belladonna is extremely toxic and can cause delirium and...

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My 20-month old son thinks it's hilarious to hit me and the dogs. He doesn't hit anyone else. He hit me in the cheek with the remote control and in the mouth with a full sippy...


Caution lol- Adult Debate

This is a debate on threesomes, swinging, ect..when you are a parent. I have quite a few friends who have done this (when kids were not around). Some of them only tried 1 time...

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advice on getting my son a caged pet

Hi my son is 10 years old and he really wants a ferret but his dad had one and i hated the smell and it had problems so beside a bunny lol what do you think i should get him...

Started by User on 10/15/2013 in Kids Over 10

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