10 month and table food

So my lil guy will be 11months on the 24 of August and a couple of my friends are saying he should be on table food by now. But my son wants nothing to do with table food. I...



http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/28/moneyless-man-dollar_n_697279.html http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/05/18/eco.free.economy/index.html Man goes an entire...

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How do i start a new relationship?

I really need some advice on this one. Most of my friends arent single mothers so they dont know what im goin through. Me and my daughters father broke up in November iafter i...

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Thrush! It HURTS!

My almost 3 month old son and I both have thrush, and it will NOT go away! I have been treating him and myself for over 3 weeks now, and it is persistent! My Doctor gave me...

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Extremely Restless Sleeper - Any Tips?

My son is an incredibly restless sleeper after a certain point in the night. He'll go to sleep (generally late, after fighting me for hours), be out and calm for about 3-4...


Any point to bf when pg?

Hi, I'm 16 wks pg, and still breastfeeding my daughter who is 20 months. Last time when I was pg, my son weaned himself, much to my dismay because he was less than 2, when I...


"never coming over again....after this weekend"

"just a heads up, I'm never coming over again after this weekend" ugh, how many times I've heard this - I can totally let it go in one ear and out the other - pretty soon though...

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I have a son that is almost 11 months old and am feeling a bit dejected at the minute. i know i should be gateful for what i have but am finding it hard to see much improvement....


Single vs Married Friends

Here's a wall I have been coming up against lately. Don't get me wrong I love my best friends but they are all marrieds with kids. So when we do get a night away from the kids...

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help for breastfeeding

I had a realy bad experacne with trying to breastfeeding my son. The hospital was no help didnt even have any one show me how to breastfeed, and I could not get my son to latch...

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I left my 6 week old baby for the first time last night. My husband tried to give him a bottle, but he said my baby refused to take it and gagged on it. He tried using the...

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How to deal with new baby jealousy?

So, I'm just assuming that this is jealousy on her part, because she really wont say when I ask her. But my five year old seems to have a bad case of jealousy now that the new...

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Creating a Schedule?

Hi all! I have a nearly 3 year old girl and my twin girls just turned one. I'm a SAHM, it's hard but worth it...but I feel like my current schedule (which is less schedule and...

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