My 3 year old will not sleep in her own room at all. Ok i take that back she will sleep in there only if I am sleeping right next to her. I have tried everything I could think...

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any other mom's with these tears?

My youngest son is 18 yrs old. We have always had a close relationship in the past. He is a type 1 diabetic. Right now his blood sugars are very much out of control which...

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Stuck in a rut

So, I am now a single mother, wich is so much harder then i'd thought it would ever be. Me and my babys father, got out and had our own appartment, and he would do eveything for...

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needed to vent...thanks for listening

My step son is now 6 and I can honestly say his mom has made our lives hell for the past 6 years. she has never had her childs best interests in mind. all she cares about is...

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Night Weaning start Time advice needed

Okay ladies - I need some advice... We are going to try night weaning this week, following the Dr. Jay Gordon cosleeping method one of you all posted a few months ago...


What do you do with....

The 7 month old baby in daycare that sleeps for 10 mins. at a time, and SCREAMS non-stop unless he's being fed or held? I've talked to the parents many times about the...


Am I just crazy??

My son died at the age of two as a victim of child abuse at the hands of his father. He had an older brother (who has a diff father) an a younger sister (who has the same...



My son will be turning 3 at the end of March. Ever since Christmas, when there was a lot happening and going on, he hasn't been taking his afternoon nap. He will play with his...

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Help please!!! Quick xx

I have been having a Breastfeeding issue with John the past week. He's been biting me alot lately. I called the Breastfeeding clinic whom I thought were pro Breastfeeding, they...

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How do you fix a broken family??

Me and my baby daddy been goin on for 6 years but we always fight so much and my daughter always get in the middle of it which i hate so much cause all i want is our family to...


active duty vs national gaurd?

so my fiance' is wanting to go to the military the army of course but we have a child together and were not married just yet, im so afraid of all the moving around that we'll...


Hows Life being a mommy?

I had my second, a daughter, on May 4th. So far so good. She's gained almost 2 lbs in a month. Nursing is going well, she's a lot more laid back than my son was. Tyler, our...

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Just needing some advice... thanks :)

So it is a long story, but I will try and cut it as short as possible. My son's father is in prison right now and I have stuck to writing him letters, but it has gotten to the...

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2 year old newly in toddler bed

We transitioned our 2 year old from her crib to her toddler bed about a week ago, and had a few great nights of her sleeping all night in her new bed. But now she wakes up 2-3...

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