Husband's affair with alcohole

I'm beginning to wonder what the hell I'm hanging on for.... Instead of getting better, things are just getting worse. I can talk about it until I'm Blue in the face and my...


Family Problems

My family know's my child has ADHD but my mom and sister keep trying to get my kid into trouble. Saying things that are not true about my kid and beliveing a bunch of kids over...


Is having a third child hard??

I am so nervous and excited. We are having a third baby this fall. I am a stay at home mother of two- ages 3 and 5. I was wondering is it much different having three kids? What...

Started by Christa on 02/04/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Need help with friends

It sounds a little crazy, but we are friends with a couple that live down the street. Before they moved down the street i knew her husband from high school but that was about...

Started by Jessica on 09/07/2010 in Family Activities

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Hi everyone....im new to this great forum....so glad i can get advice!!! My daughter was diagnosed in Sep 2010, shes 7....she was given Equasym 20mg....at the start it was great...


Problems with my Father In Law

My father in law is a strange person. He likes to say mean and nasty often untrue things about people, well me and my family. For the first two years of my marriage I just took...

Started by Stefie on 01/13/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Hello I'm New

Hi I just recently found this group. I am a full time sahm who home schools. I have 3 children Nicholas 9, Addison and Ayden are 6 yr old twins. Life with Ayden is very...


We Just Found Out

We have a 4 year old son who was just diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is a relief to finally have a handle on what is going on with him. In theory, it will help us...


Dreading the day I have to deal with my ex !!

Me and my ex had been together for 2 years and alot had had happened before I got pregnant . The problems were always onesided meaning comeing from him he could never just be a...

Started by Amanda on 06/04/2009 in Want To Vent?

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Hi Bridgette, and anyone else who comes. I have one adopted child and 5 birthed children, and yes I agree, life is slightly different. Different comments to face, different...


My husband had just recently left me

I have a little girl who will soon be 2. Her father, my husband just walked out on us over a month ago. We are divorceing. He is refusing to see her for he thinks he can get out...

Started by Lacey on 07/22/2009 in Single Moms

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2 year old waking up at night

My 2 year old son started waking up at night screaming wanting me to sleep with him, how do I break him of this habit? He is very stubborn, and I am not getting enough sleep! He...