I have 5 boys 3 which are my own birth children an 2 which are not. All these boys live with me, I split with Dad to 4 of the boys 15 mths ago. My eldest stepson (which has...

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Almost empty nester

I am almost an empty nester, I would like to know how to adjust to not having my children around. I am finding it to be real hard.

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My daughter has low self esteem

My daughter is 8. She makes statements sometimes(not all the time) that she shouldnt try to play games or try new things because she knows she wont win or be good at it. She...


Is my daughter dating with me????

So I been a single mom since my baby was born. She is now 1 years old. For the past 4 months I have been dating somone. He has a son who is one also and a 6 year old. He sees my...

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ADHD meds

I have been trying different things to avoid doing the medication thing. My son is 5 and is just too hard to handle. He's constantly talking, repeats himself, talks to...


Inattentive ADD

Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone has a son diagnosed with inattentive ADD (I suspect based on what I was told that my son may have this disorder). My 4 year...



I am in need of some advice. I am 32 and my husband and I have 4 boys. Jacob(11) and James(8) are mine from a previous marriage and Blake(11) and Hunter(9) are his from the...

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am i paranoid?

Hi, I've got a 6 month old baby girl called katie who has been in hosptial due to 'failing to thrive' which turned out to be milk protein intollerance. Now everytime she makes...

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Autism at 2?

First let me apologize for the length of the email and how it moves everywhere. This is my first time posting and I'm trying to get everything I can think of down. My third...


Let's Talk Holidays

Well the time of year I dread the most has arrived. I'm flooded with memories of how abusive my father was on Christmas Day and despite the fact that it's been over 20 years I...


does my husband blame me?

Why does it seem like my husband blames me for Alex's behavior. Today he told me he could see a conncection. he said that I bring out the tantrums in Alex. Alex is so fearful...


Out of control!

I have a stepson who is 11 yrs old. We are having a HUGE problem with the lying ,stealing, and cheating on homework, forging signatures and hurting other children's...


Going back to the Baby Daddy

My babies father and i were together for a year and engaged before i got pregnant. After getting pregnant he has tried dating other women, stolen money from me, and constantly...

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