a holiday question

I was wondering if there are any step moms out there that have teenage step children that live with them that the children have no contact with the biological mother??? I am...

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How do you know it is time to change the size of the diapers? What brand do you use and why? Which brands have you tried? I'm currently using Huggies Snug and Dry. I'm...

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movin baby

i had my first child 4months ago and i was wondering since we are gettin reafy to move if he will have a hard time adjusting to a new home because some people say they get use...


what to when they get let down

my 16 yr old has not had his father in his life since he was 4. Throiugh facebook they got back in contact, Alec being told that it was my fault the contact stopped. It now...


From breast to bottle

I've been breastfeeding exclusively, but I'm trying to get my 7 wk old to take a bottle before I go back to work. So far, slow going. We are only giving him 2 bottles a day @...

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1st Son is VI - When to try for #2

My son who just turned 1 is visually impaired and is receiving vision therapy twice a week. Once he begins walking (well) he will also have orientation and mobility twice a...


2 1/2 year old daughter wont use her silverware!!

My daughter will not consistently use her fork and spoon while eating. I feel like I have to constantly tell her that she has to use it. She would just rather use her fingers...

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My daughter Kendra is going to be two next month and my son Caleb is 6 months she has always been very loving towards him and never shown any feelings of jealousy Caleb requires...

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Five year old Boy whines about everything!

My son is the whines about everything, for example if he can not figure something out, or if we tell he is not allowed to do something, or if we say we are leaving a...

Started by Kristina on 09/05/2009 in March 2004 Babies

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2nd dog should I ?

Just looking for some advice....I currently have one dog who is two years old she is a great dog has some behaviors but overall she is a great dog. My freind fosters rescue...

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Car Sickness?

Hello Moms! Well I have an issue that I would love to have some advice on. I took my daughter (22 mo) to the ER back at the beginning of November because she was throwing up...


17 months and horrible temper tantrums!

Since my son turned 1 he has been in "terrible two" mode. He throws a huge fit every time he doesn't get his way or is told no. He screams, kicks, pinches, throws himself down....

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post baby weight

how quickly does one lose weight after birth and are there any fast and easy ways to do so. i gained over 60 pounds when i was pregnant and i had a c-section done in november. i...

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Hi guys! I'm a single mom, working full time, plus attending online school full time. I havent' been getting child support, even though I have an order for it. My question...

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do you ever want to give up

Does anyone ever want to give up staying at home with the kids and go back to work? I know that it is better for my children for me to stay home,but i am wondering if my...

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