How many of you have your children on a schedule and how many are more take it as it comes? Either way IMO is great but I believe different things work for different families....


Eye Surgery

My son Alex is 3, and has a turned eye which is similar to, but not the same as a lazy eye. The technical term is strabismus. He's been in glasses for about 6 mos to correct...


Toddler Discipline

Hoping someone can help me with what discipline method worked best for you & your toddler. My daughter is 2 ½ years and my son is 9 months. Recently she has been acting out by...


13 yo cousin

My girls (ages 11 & 12) have boundaries and rules and for the most part and do really well. They do argue from time to time and during some of these instances they are around...

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A 22 Month old won

He has been doing this for 4 nights now, i'll put him in, and he screams and cries that much that he gets the shakes! So i try and do control crying, nope not working, then read...

Started by Monique on 08/15/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Please need advice asap!!

My son has decided to be VERY difficult when it comes to nap and bedtime.( he is still in his crib, because he loves it, and has NEVER tried to get out, i have always been able...

Started by Jen on 08/30/2010 in May 2007 Babies

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My 8 month old baby girls hair?

Hey ladies, I have an 8 month young lil girl (African American) when she was born she had a hair full of thick curly hair, at around 5 months her hair become to fall out but...


Should I be concerned?

My son has a PDD-NOS diagnosis and is in the school district sponsored preschool for it. This is combined with the Head Start in our area as they are the largest preschool...


i think my child is special,

hi all. my son turned 3 in october and i think he is a little special, (i know im biased lol) at 3 he can count to 100, he can recognise the all the numbers,(when we go walking...


What about child abuse

lets talk about this issue for a minute,lets protect our kids and babies...This is a seroius issue that needs attention..I would love to get some input into this issue..thanks...


How do you manage classes and studying with 3?

My youngest just turned one and found out I'm due in Oct (my oldest is 3). Not planned but maybe this is the path I am supposed to follow. I have a routine with the 2 now but...

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How to keep up with it all?

I was wondering what your styles are to keep up with all the housework. What do you do with the toys that are not being used, where do you put all your papers so you can find...


I am at the breaking point!

my 6yr old son Joey has been diagnosed ADHD and I tried the med thing, I hated the results! So does anybody have any suggestions as to what I can do for discipline when...


Pumping to exclusively bottle-feed?

I am debating on if I should start pumping and strictly bottlefeed only for my month old son. It's not medical problems, we have been doing great with latching and everything...

Started by Amelia on 12/20/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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