Too far?

So I saw this article and actually a couple others about this study. It worries me a little. I just don't think there has been enough thought put into the prognosis or...

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My toddler's actions are so confusing to me

My son's 2 going on 3. Lately I've noticed that he can't make up his mind about different things. An example, he'll ask for pizza and once he gets it he doesn't want it, he...

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I have a 10 year old daughter who used to be such a sweet, sweet thoughtful girl, always cared for others until few months ago, her attitude had completely changed. She whined...


How do stay home moms find friends?

Since moving to a new town nearly 5 years ago I have found it really difficult to make friends. 5 years of being lonely is starting to take its toll on me. I don't like the...

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My getting along with BM hard on Dad!

Rare instance for sure.... BM and I get along really great. (We had many problems in the begining) Now we are like BFF's! lmao However, in the begining, Daddy wanted us to...

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I have deployed to Iraq before. But this time I am leaving my baby girl 2 months before she turns 2. My mother has moved 2 states away from her home to stay in my house and take...

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how to handle white coat fear!

any tips on how to make doctors trips less of a scream fest would be awesome! My 19 month old litterally screams from the moment the doctor walks into the room until he walks...

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He wont stop crying!! HELP!!

Hello ladies, this is my first time writing in here, I've been wanting to do it for a while already, my sweet almost 8 months old baby boy is been having a hard time ( and me...

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