How do you cope?

My son is 9, was diagnosed dyspraxic at the age of 6. We feel it is mild compared to most cases, he was a late walker, struggels with sports, and has great difficulty writing....


Overwhelmed by her 2 year old very clingy twin girls!

I am a mom to a set of the most beautiful 2 year old twin girls. But I am so overwhelmed by them on the other hand. They are so clingy to me and so aggressive to one another....

Started by Carrie on 05/13/2010 in Twins

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please help

My son just turned 2 in August and his speech is limited to about 4 words. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help him through this? I do try to get him to repeat...


Toddler Bed Time?

So my son is starting to be REALLY good at going to bed...we just say ok lets go to bed it's Nigh Nigh time and he starts to walk toward the stairs and is ready for bed! It's...

Started by Stephanie on 06/25/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Not sleeping through the night

Anyone else have a one year old not sleeping through the night?? My little girl usually goes to sleep around 7:30 and wakes up around midnight and then after that it is tossing...

Started by Lindsey on 07/27/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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Any ideas on how to make bedtime easier?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make bedtime easier? My son falls asleep in my arms but every time I put him down, he wakes up. He's used to sleeping in my bed but I'd like...

Started by Kimberly on 11/17/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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Getting your child to fall asleep by him/herself?

My 9 month old daughter will not fall asleep by herself. She needs to fall asleep in someones arms first, and then we can put her in her crib. Any suggestions on what I can do...

Started by Jodie on 01/03/2010 in Moms Under 30

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I have a question, but it is NOT regarding normal age when babies start sleeping through the night. I am asking those of you who had extremely difficult babies. My child is 14...


Bath time issue

MY daughter has recently started freaking out at bath time. She starts screaming hysterically when I put her in the tub. This hasn't happened before. She used to love baths. I...


any sleep seperation ideas

Does anyone have any tips, ideas, or advice on how I can stop my 17m old from co-sleeping with me. I just can't let her "cry it out".. i tried briefly twice but it was so hard,...



My husband of 5yrs loves kids, I on the other hand arent so sure. Im the person who babysitts and send the kids back .I go over and over in my head about every detail before I...


So Stressed Out

I am so stressed out, and I know its not good for the baby, but when you need to get a new car but can not afford it, your husbands bills don't even cover the bills anymore and...

Started by Delta on 05/18/2010 in Expecting

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