when is it time to call it quits?

My husband and i have been together for almost 10 years ( married 3) and have 2 kids. We have been fighting about everything for quite awhile now. He says that i pay no...

Started by Nicole on 07/22/2009 in Moms Under 30

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in over my head

We can just call it hormones, but I am feeling miserable tonight. I am 31 weeks preggo with baby number 2, have an almost 3 year old, and I work full time. Some days are just...

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I'm sorry i just have to vent i cant take this anymore. I live with two roommates, one unfort. being my ex, hes never home, but my other roommate, a 25yr old grown man thinks...

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My son has a large vsd im worried about sugery and my husband doesnt seem to worrie as much as i do. I also have to try and put more weight on him since his underweight . Any...


Bedtime Routine

hi, we're starting to battle to get out little girl to sleep at night...it usually takes about an hour an we have to hold her until she falls asleep. not sure how we are...

Started by Justene-Lyn on 02/23/2009 in February 2008 Babies

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Ameriplan Warning

I just wanted to let all of you people out there looking for a real stay at home job about Ameriplan. I have sunk hundreds of dollars into this business and have earned $0.00...

Started by Christine on 06/09/2009 in Work At Home Moms

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Ignore my husband or do whatever he wants?

My 6 year old is a very sweet and loving boy. At least once a week, usually three times a week, he will switch over to a little terror and tear apart any room he is in. This...

Started by Melissa on 12/12/2011 in Christian Moms

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my son is 16 months old and showing no sign of weening anyone else have this issue

Started by Angela on 11/17/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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i have a 3month 1 week old baby girl. last week i was unable to continue breast feeding due to her not gaining weight. so since she had to go onto the bottle which she loves and...


weaning from a bottle

I have an 18 months old son and in the next few weeks i am wanting to get rid of his bottle (a.k.a ba-ba). he is really attached to it and will only drink water from his sippy...

Started by Suzanne on 01/12/2009 in July 2007 Babies

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13 month old not sleeping.. CIO???

ahhh the sleep training issue... it's the story of our LIVES!!! At 5 months when sleep training is typically done (CIO or other method) we waited b/c we're first time...


4 year old behaving BEYOND badly

My nephew is 4 years old with a 2 year old sister. Recently his behavior has gone from that of an average well behaved child to that of a rude, demanding, argumentative demon...


where do i begin??

i am having a hard time finding a starting point! i have had many problems with my youngest who is just over 1year of age and deep down i know somethings are just not right with...


any advice would be great

So I recently divorced and I now have a new boyfriend who I love very much. I have a 7 year old boy and he has a 2 yr old boy. I adore the both of them the same. The baby's mom...

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what did you do for finding godparents for children, What Im looking for is if something was to happen to ME and My Husband, my kids would go straight to the people I chose for...

Started by Jamie on 10/19/2009 in Moms Under 30

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