toddler's name for her vagina?????

my daughter is 2 and is potty trained, she's learing to wipe her own bum and dat's da name we use but we dont no an appropiate name for her vagina. any mom's of toddler girls...

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not getting the snip

i just recently moved states and have been keen on getting my son circumcised but as they are ruling it out everywhere i have just learnt that im not going to be able to get it...

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Sex after pregnancy...

My midwife told me the other day that I would be able to have sex again as soon as I stoped postpardom bleeding. I had my daughter 3 weeks ago and am already done bleeding but...

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Is it bad if you don't get your son circumsized?

my son is 8 month old and i havent took him in to get circumsized and i wanted to know is it bad if you don't get it done or what. some people say you don't have to some say...

Started by Taylor on 06/09/2009 in Moms Under 30

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I see alot of posts here and there about it and this might sound really dum of me but i dont get it. I know its big in the U.S but here in the U.K its not somthing you see or...

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How long does it take to recover?

i had my son 4 mths ago and he is my first and i am still recovering from giving birth. I am 26 i didn't tear at all i just got 2 phishers... and the labor from 1st contraction...


Baby Powder?

Most of the moms I know use baby powder at each diaper change, I've read and also learned in child birth classes that the powder can cause lung problems and also bladder...

Started by Ashley on 07/21/2010 in Babies And Infants

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Progressive pet care

So I always used to do everything my dr told me, I thought a dr was practically infallible. Now I've found many many things I disagree with drs on. I don't blindly trust drs...

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New Circumcision Research

http://thestir.cafemom.com/baby/116633/new_circumcision_research_is_changing Thoughts? Does this change your mind if you were on the fence? What do you moms who are anti-circ...