Discipline Without Distress

I’ve been feeling very exhausted and guilty this past few weeks with both the behavior of my 4year old and my reaction 2 it. I feel like I am constantly telling her stop and...

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Bottle suggestions?

Sorry if it's been posted before, but I have no idea how to search within the forum. I'm planning on breastfeeding when I deliver in ~10weeks. In trying to get ready for baby,...

Started by Jennifer on 08/09/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Baby Unsettled......??

My baby is only 7 days old and last night she was sooooo unsettled it was driving me nuts, i went thru 6 nappies in 6 hours and she just wouldnt stop wanting to feed...


An angry 20 year old

My daughter is nearly 21 and still lives at home. She has just finished an undergraduate degree and working. We have always been close but now she comes home says hi and stays...


dilemma - I need feedback urgently!

My little guy is 7 mos & I have the privilage of living in canada where I have 1 yr mat leave. Here's my dilemma - I have a work opprotunity, significant increase in pay...


my 5 year old

Hi everyone, I joined this group hoping I can get some help! Here is my story... I have 2 children a 71/2 year old Michael and a 5 year old Alexia. Recently we have taken...


friend needs help!

so i have a friend that has a 3 yr old son and his father came to her work place to give her the notice that he wants full custody of the child, she was abused in the...


Custody Craziness

I'm a step mom to a beautiful 4 year old boy who I love like my own. I have been in his life since he was just a baby and he is definitely my little buddy. His mother however...

Started by Elizabeth on 07/10/2009 in Step Moms

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-holidays, birthdays

me n my hubby are disagreeing on this subject so i would like some new opinions. he believes that all the kids should be treated equally in our house. if we go anywhere special...

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day care making me feel like a bad mom

My 15 month old daughter goes to a day care center that is connected to the college I go to every thing seemed fine until she got pink eye for the first time, one of the day...


Summer Visitation after 2 years?

My husband gained custody of his three children (12, 10, and 6) two years ago. We live out of state from their mom and she was ordered to pay their travel costs for visitation....


B12 injections help

Hello, my so is seeing a DAN doctor. I was told today that he has a MTHFR gene, that has the inability to process folic acid and B12???? He would like to put him on B12...