Has anyone had another baby after having preeclampsia with the first one? My husband and I would like to have another baby but our first experience was really traumatic and we...

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pcsing to Guam in Feb.

Any information on Andersen AFB Guam is helpful I know very little and this is our 1st move. We have been at Minot AFB ND for almost 5 yrs now. I have never been over seas or...


need help moms!!

my son has had lung difficulties since 2 months old. he was in and out of the hospital and they couldnt figure out what was wrong till he was 6 moths old and we finally figured...


how to teach our kids

My son is 16 months old and lately he has been doing alot of hitting and biting. Im not quiet sure how to teach him not to do this because everything i have tried doesnt seem to...

Started by Nicole on 01/23/2011 in Moms Under 30

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Seizure question...

My son just got an EEG to test for seizures. I was wondering in any of your children suffer from both Autism or the kind And seizures? My doctor said he is skeptical but needs...



Do you think that your family faces more challenges as an interracial family? Do you think life would be easier in some way if you were in a single race family? Why?! I've...


You and your partner - is it the same?

Nothing is the same since we had our baby... We were the perfect couple, got along really well, but now, other than really doing everything to make sure our baby has the best...

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taking blood...which method?

I had the most outrageous experience today. I waited till 11 months to get the blood drawn (lead and iron test) and I'm so glad. We had to go to a lab and they drew the blood...

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come on ladies lets start getting some stuff out there. we all need to get things out and get some feedback. i created this group so us women in recovery can connect with...

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relationship with your MAN

hi all, howmany of you think there is lots and lots unsaid and undone; after your baby? My baby turns 2andhalf today, and my life changed a lot after her birth. I am not...

Started by Deepa on 10/29/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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BM doesn't take SD's education seriosly.

BM wouldn't let us enroll SD in school claiming that she needs to be fully evaluated before we decide on preschool or kindergarten, then we were told that a school shouldn't be...

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Trying again.

Three months ago, my fiance and I miscarried our first baby at 8 weeks. Recently we decided to try again, but I'm feeling aprehensive of another pregnancy for fear of having a...