hoilday traditions

Christmas time is almost here and I just wandered what everyone's Christmas tradition is. We allow the kids to open one present on Christmas Eve. Then in the morning, before the...

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teenage moms plz help what to do

i have a 15yr old who is lying, stealing and sneaking out of the house.. what do i do? i have tried grounding and taking everything away and nothing phases him..


18 months and not talking...HELP!!

I have a 18 month old little boy that is still not talking. He can say dada, mama, nana and that is all. He knows what things are and he will do what you ask him to do he just...


Very new Army wife...needadvice

Hey!my name is Andrea Im very new the military life my husband just went to AIT I dont know what to expect after he's finish with AIT how long after he.finishs.do.we.move if...


Need child support

Would it be faster to get a lawyer and take my sons father to court, or go through SRS that way i dont have to pay for a lawyer?? I know he wont fight me for custody. He gives...

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Children Making Restitution

Have you ever had your children make restitution? Basically either repair or replace an item you broke, damaged by improperly using it, improperly caring for it, or purposefully...

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change in diet

I was wondering if anyone else has changed their children's diet to see if it does anything? That was the first thing that was suggested to me by our behavior specialist. she...


How to Deal?

Hello, my name is Alicia! this is my first time posting on here and I have a few questions for everyone. Well i was 17 for he most part of my pregnancy and I just turned 18 when...


My son won't go to sleep on his own...

Recently my son has started having nightmares, and the only way I was able to calm him down was to let him fall back asleep in our bed. I had a feeling that it was going to be a...

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