Child Trust Funds!

Hi everyone! I was just wondering what types of child trust funds people have opened for their little ones. I dont know whether to go with the savings account or with a shares...


Potty training and penis touching

Is anyone else having some type of difficulty with their son trying to potty train. It seems that if I let my son stay in a Pull Up that he wants to use it and not keep it dry....


Is dad the favourite in your house?

I spent the first year of Leah's life with her 100% while my husband was at work. Now we've swapped - I'm back teaching (Secondary school) full time while he's the stay at home...


Not saying as many words

Ella said "Da da" at 4 1/2 months old and "Ma ma" just a couple of months later. I thought she'd be rolling in the words by now, but her words are limited. She says baby, kitty,...

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Any AVON selling moms?

I just recently started selling AVON, namely to have a little side cash separate from the bill & grocery money to spoil Kalli-Mae with and to add a little here and there to her...


Mistaken for Italian.

I have posted a couple conversations about my daughter. She's extremely fair skinned and has straight hair like me. I have no problem with it at all and love her a lot the way...


Feeding/Sleeping Schedule... Too Soon?

My daughter was 7 weeks early, her adjusted age is 3 days shy of a month... I am wondering if it's too early to start her on a feeding/sleeping schedule... I'm thinking not,...

Started by Michelle on 03/19/2011 in Moms Of Preemies

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10 yr old boy and puberty?

So my 10 yr old boy, is getting some major BO issues, and other body issues. I'm wondering if he is an early bloomer, and if anyone else is experiencing this at 10 and what are...

Started by Amanda on 05/19/2011 in Kids Over 10

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details please!

just thought it would be fun for everyone to come and share details about their little ones! weight length, DOB, how the labour went, ect. I will put in my info after i have the...

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who are you without him??

o i was listening to the song "stand where i stood" by whats her name..Missy higgdon, or somethng like that and made me wonder.. Do we as spouses know who are without our...

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Can I get advice from people who care?

Hey everyone at Circle of Moms! My name is Sandy, I have a problem with my adopted foster child she's 9 years old. Now I know that foster kids come from a rough home and deserve...


Temporary Custody

My daughters father made up a horrible lie to the police and got me arrested. Being an alcoholic he has done some crazy stuff but this was too much! After being released I went...


Returning to work with Preemie

Hello, I'm new here and hope this conversation hasn't been previously posted. My daughter was 2 months early, born in March. I need to return to work for financial reasons of...

Started by Kat on 06/09/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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My sad little story.

Hello everyone, I have a 23 month old son named Aston, he is sweet tempered and a little bit shy. He harldy ever gets to play with other kids and that has been both my fault...

Started by Ashley on 08/10/2009 in Moms Under 30

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