how to get respect for how i raise my children?

last night i had a huge run in with my inlaws over her feeding my 5mth old home made custard (made from cows milk) behind my bak, when i came in and seen it i was like... did u...

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Joint Custody isn't for everyone

Hi, My name is Stephanie and I am a 23 year old mother to an amazing 5 year old little boy. My ex and I were together for about 6 years when we split up. We decided at that...


Placenta Previa

Hi. I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second child. I went in for my last ultrasound and they discovered that I have marginal Placenta Previa. It is only barely covering the...

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The soon-to-be-stepmom

I have been in my soon-to be stepson's life for the past 2 1/2 years and, truth be told, he had my heart from the get-go. I am the mother figure in his life 80% of the time and...

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Feeling so scared and alone

My son was born at 35 weeks and 5 days gestational and had chromisonal testing done at birth since my 5 month ultrasound showed a thickened nucal fold they thought he might...


New Member

Hi, I have 3 children and work full time as a teacher in Michigan. When do you get over the guilt of not spending enough time with your children and not having to be perfect at...

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10 year old daughter's attitude

I have a ten year old daughter who's attitude is really beginning to upset me more and more everyday. I need some suggestions of how to keep her from acting out and...


hoilday traditions

Christmas time is almost here and I just wandered what everyone's Christmas tradition is. We allow the kids to open one present on Christmas Eve. Then in the morning, before the...

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Children Making Restitution

Have you ever had your children make restitution? Basically either repair or replace an item you broke, damaged by improperly using it, improperly caring for it, or purposefully...

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