Hi! I was just wondering if anyone else is using mirena and if they are experiencing any of the same side effects as me. I had mirena insirted in February 2008, so I've had for...


New Zodiac Signs What the......?????

I am a Gemini, and I have always proudly identified with my sign and its attributes. But now, scientists say I'm not a Gemini? According to these new zodiac sign dates they've...

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Is anyone tired of being pregnant

I have finally reached 33 weeks and I think I am done. I've been pretty energetic most of my pregnancy but now I feel like I am dragging and can't wait for this to be over....

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iam a proud pitbull owner and i will be getting another pitbull very soon my son is 19 mths old and he and any other children i have along with grandchildren will be raised...


Any one haveing problems with a Mirena?

I got Mirena on the 16th so not long ago. Before I got it i had a lot of energy and i didn't feel like crap. But the passed two days i have had really bad cramps and I'm tired...



How old were you when you started menopause?? I'm 30 and have been getting MAJOR hot flashes!! I don't know whats going on, but its very uncomfortable!! How do you know your...

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Baby for sale

My daughter is 7.5 weeks old. She was a c-section baby (don't know if that matters, but thought I'd mention it anyway), and was a perfect angel when we brought her home. Now,...