flu vaccine: shot or mist?

My son (2yrs 9mos) has an appointment tomorrow afternoon for his flu vaccine and I still haven't decided whether to get the shot or the mist. Any perspective or experience on...


Flu mist vaccine side effects

My 10 year old son received the Flu Mist vaccine yesterday and today he's been a bit off. He's showing side effects such as lethargy, loss of appetite, and general crankiness...


Flu shot/Flu mist

Are any of you getting your child vaccinated for the flu? Have any of your children had the flu? If so, do you know how it affected their platelets?


Live Virus: FluMist while breastfeeding?

I received the FluMist flu vaccine today AT my childs pediatrician clinic. They know I am breastfeeding. From my understanding, the CDC says breastfeeding is not a...


h1n1 flu vaccine

Has anyone gotten the swine flu vaccine and what kind a reaction was experienced. I so damn confused...the medical society recommends it, but the stories I hear from people who...

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Flu vaccine, yay or nay?

I just got the call from my doctors office that it is flu vaccine time. Are you getting it for you and your family? Why or why not?

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swine flu vaccination

Hi, i received a letter last week offering my 9 mo the swine flu vaccination i have read a few leaflets and i have got an appointment with the doc next week to ask for advice...

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swine flu vaccinations

would like advice about swine flu jab a bit unsure bout it need more advice if anyone has any im debating if i should let my 18mnth son have it or not

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Flu Vaccine?

I wanted to hear some thoughts on the flu vaccines. I have never received the flu vaccine. I have a 4-year-old daughter who attends pre k 5 days a week. Her dr recommends she...

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UMMMM, Im kinda ify about my 7 month old getting them some people say yu get the flu when yu get the shots? & has anyone seen that womans story about her getting the shot & 10...

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Is Swins Flu severe in U.S?

Could anyone from U.S tell me how severe Swine Flu is there? I have been pressured by workplace and doctor to have free vaccination because it is so severe in U.S now and it is...

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