Getting him to eat

My son isn't wanting to eat. I took him to the doctor and he said he was ok. He is still not wanting to eat or drink. This morning he took 1 oz before i took him to daycare. He...



Hi, Im a new mum to a 4mths old baby.. Im 24 years old.. I have a question to ask.. What cn i do if my baby has aczema?? I think he have irritation skin..

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My daughter is 1 and..

she is very picky on what she eats. She wont take jar foods or rarely will and table foods she just as picky with. She also will not take a sippy cup, and i've tried alot of...

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My daughter is almost 10 months old, has no teeth, and usually is always snacking or eating. today she has not been fond of food at all. Is lack of appetite a sign of teeth...

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A rash please any help

My 20 month old daughter has had diahera and a hug rash. i think its because her back teeth the far back teeth.( molar) not sure though. I wanted to know if its normal for a...

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I swear my 9mos old is being deviant!

So Jakob who recognizes his name, gets "in trouble" (redirected & told NO) when he plays with the stereo receiver or tries to go into the kitchen where the cat food is... He...


1st birthdays

Trying to plan my daughter's first birthday in october. Theme is baby minnie mouse and im not sure what activities and food to use.... Suggestions?

Started by Shari on 06/23/2010 in Moms Under 30

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fussy eating

i have 21 month old twins who are INCREDIBLY fussy eaters. One practically lives on bread and pasta and cheese and the other, porridge, yoghurt and toast. They used to eat...


Homemade Fruit sticks ...

I was looking for any recipes on fruit snacks as after reading the ingredients on my grandsons bought fruitsticks I was not impressed. I would like to make my own or even a...


Breastfeeding and weaning

I'm so confused lol! My daughter appears to be starting to self wean. I can only guess that she is eating enough solid foods that she is not all that hungry to want to nurse...


How to talk to other Mom about their child

I am a stay at home mom who also looks after children. Right now I have a 15 month old that shows no interest in feeding himself. He will not hold a spoon, or even attempt it,...

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I am looking into childcare for my 1 year old son. (in Lake County, IL) Any suggestions moms?

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Moms helping moms

http://www.gailslistawish.org I had a group of parents names sent to me suggesting "you" may be interested in our website for moms. They're trading children's items like,...

Started by ListAWish on 09/02/2010 in Money Saving Tips

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Halloween parties

'm planning a small Halloween party for my kids since no one in my neighborhood trick or treats.I'm going to decorate make fun foods and get favorite candy.The taste of Home...