What are you guys doing to beat the heat ?

Aarush, my son, has slight temperature since last 2 weeks. His doc says that it is not viral or any other infection and its just heat that raises his body temperature. He drinks...

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pls help ...

how do u lose baby weight fast its really getting me down xx

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Big Eater!

My 8mo old wont take a bottle during the day. She is still getting up anywhere from 1 to 3 times a night eating 4-6oz a time. My boyfriend and I are exhausted and looking for...



Mr daughter is 1year and 8months but am still breastfeeding, i want to stop her what should i do?


how do i get my daughter to let me eat?

every time i try to eat my two year old wont let me even if she has the same thing! even if she just ate! i end up either not eating or waiting until she goes to bed....if i try...

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Hi everyone. Billings MT

I'm in Billings MT and i'm hosting a Tastefully Simple party and would love to meet mommies in the area. If your interested in meeting or something leave a message

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anyone introduce solids yet?

My son Liam just turned 6 months yesterday and we let him have some rice cereal (mixed with breastmilk of course!). I was just wondering a) if anyone else has yet b) how...

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My 11 month old doesn't want to eat solids

Does anyone else have this problem? My little guy who was born May 19, is not very keen on solids. We've tried so many things, pureed to lumpy to whole, but most often he...

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hi moms my boy eats most foods but doesn't want to let go of the milk, he takes isomil. He can eat what ever then wants his milk, is there any substitude to this or I should...

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Baby constipation or not?

My son is around 7 months old, we finally got him to take baby solids last week for a week straight. He's also on antibiotics for allergies. Lately, when he has a bowel...



hey, can birthday parties be postponed, i would have loved to make a wonderful one for my son but have so far realized that my salary won't be paid on time. Please advise.

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How do I get my 19 month old off the bottle ??

My son is 19 months and loves his bottle so much he would prefer to have milk than food. He is a very healthy child and does eat a balanced diet but at times all he wants is...

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New member

HI all you mommies, I'm Sarah my youngest baby River was born on Dec 30 2008. I work part time teaching sewing classes. Love to make his cloth diapers and baby food. Still...