my 4 year old is becoming naughty

My 4 year old has suddenly stopped giving in to instructions, most times he'll do exactly what he's told not to do and when you try not to notice him he'll scream it in your...


Rice cereal at 3 months?

I started giving my 3 month old rice cereal by spoon. The reason i did this is because he was getting hungry alot earlier and the formula wasnt satisfying him as it needed to....


Happy Mothers Day....

I was so excited that this was going to my first year as a mom that I wouldn't have to spend it with my soon to be ex MIL, unfortunately I started getting a sore throat...


DIY vs. Paying for the Party...

For my first son 1st Birthday I did everything from scratch. At the beginning I was excited, but it seems that I over did it, and my son didn't even notice. For my second son I...


BIrthday Party

Hi moms, I want to host my first birthday party later this year for my 5yr old daughter. I need some help with menus, activities and theme.


Bottle Training

I have a 9 month old little boy who has stopped gaining in the past month. I am still breast feeding but trying to give him as much food as possible but with the heat and...



I have a 2 mounth baby girl and I seem to be eatting a lot more and I can't lose weight ..and I feel like I'm not giving my baby milk is low..


Home Induction Suggestions

HELP, My 25 yr old daughter was given Pitocin for over 5 hours and even though her contractions were ever 1.5 - 2 minutes apart they said she wasn't progressing fast enough so...

Started by Robbin on 07/17/2013 in Expecting

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Introduction of solids

My almost 4 month old spits up a lot, he's on nutramigean also using gripe water and gas relief. I also give him apples or pears at least 3 to 4 times a week, does anyone think...

Started by Melissa on 07/19/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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