does anybody else use earplugs when your baby is having a crying fit? Sometimes i feel awful for using them but my ears can only take so much...my little one has a set of lungs...

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Fussy eater....

My son is becoming really fussy at the age of only 11months and 3 weeks. I am unsure of what to send him with for lunch at daycare. He will eat a grilled cheese sandwhich at...



My daughter born sept 2007 and my daughter act spoiled wht i do w her, she always often eat and play alots almost 24 hours Give me idea do handle


Tummy Bugs

My 22 month old little girl seems to have a tummy bug. I have been told that the best way for her to get over it is 'to starve the bug' meaning not to give food to my daughter...


One Week challenge

I am a sweets addict! I am taking one week of eating a super low carb, low calorie, high protein lifestyle. Primarily natural sugars. I am only allowing myself 2 cans of coke a...


eating habits

my 10 month old son had a great appitite from 5 birth until about a month ago. he got a really nasty ear infection and slowed down a lot, which is normal. so instead of his 3...


I am bored with lunch!

Ok guys, my boys are 19months and i am sick of making the same things! Anyone have any good ideas? My kids eat anything!!! Please help!

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eating trouble

at wot age did your babys start eating baby rice for first time, my son is four munths n i fought id try im bec he watches us eat n driblies sumtimes, but hell only have abit n...


Are you married?

If you are married how old were you and your partner? what kind of wedding did you have? and how much did it all cost you? did you pay for it or family? etc My partner and I...



My son is 14 months old and he already has 16 teeth, 8 on top and 8 on bottom. Is this normal? Because I know some 24 monthers who don't have that many teeth.

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What are you guys doing to beat the heat ?

Aarush, my son, has slight temperature since last 2 weeks. His doc says that it is not viral or any other infection and its just heat that raises his body temperature. He drinks...

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