15 month old wont eat

My son used to eat large meals for his age. at 14 months he started slowly decreasing the amount of food he was eating and now is done to basically just eating fruit all day...

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just one of those days

ok moms just needed to vent this out not really looking for responses but if you would like to share you day too go for it.. ok so we have just moved in to our new home of...



what should my 4 month old be doing developmentally wise and what milestones should be observed? my son was 2 months premature.

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Healthy Recipes and Kid Friendly Recipes

I love trying healthy recipes that whole family loves...I also love trying kid friendly recipes and after school snacks..Please share yours with me! : )

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Eating Out Problems

Does anybody else have trouble eating out with their toddler?! Please tell me it's not just me! He won't sit in the booster seat, won't even stay at the table most of the time!...


relaxation techniques for PDD

Hi...my son is 11 and is diagnosed with PDD, bipolar, ADHD, and ODD (Oppositional defiance disorder) He also lately has a great deal of anxiety. Recently had a very thourough...



Hi, I have 2 1/2 year old twins and in the last 2 - 3 weeks one has had constipation on and off. She is a picky eater (her sister eats anything). Her diet is usually oatmeal...

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Surgery??? HELP

My daughter has had GERD/Reflux since birth. She has had PH studies done and takes the highest dose of medication for it. She is 14months old and still refluxes at least 10x a...


Anyone else still trying to wean?

My 18-month-old never really took to bottles. She likes to nurse still at bedtime, sometimes first thing in the morning, before naps, and when she's hurt or needing comfort....


My son his poorly, what to do?

My son has had a swollen face & 7 swollen lymph glands on his neck for over 4 weeks plus tonsilitits for just under 4 weeks, his not eating, (he might eat small bits) we have...

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