lactose toddlers :(?

Okay so my daughters lactose. Her reactions to dairy were never terrible, normally just constipation, so I have stayed away from it. My sister gave her a bite of mac & cheese a...

Started by Maya on 07/19/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Birthday gifts for 3 year old girl?

What are some of your 3 year old girls toys? What were her favorite gifts from her birthday? Trying to think of some great new ideas for my daughter. She plays with her baby...

Started by Sarah on 07/21/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Hello... Just curious, I usually start my period at the end of the month around the 28th-30th, I started my period May 29th & in June i didnt start at all, it finally ended up...


War on Women

I keep hearing this term being used by candidates for the up coming election... It has been followed by women's rights including but not limited to abortion and equal pay......


Toddler will not eat protein!!!

My 1 1/2 year old boy will not any meat or veggies. He will only eat french fries, cereal, or snack crackers. I have even been giving him nutrition shakes, which he loves, in...


soilds and bottles

when can i start my baby on food first then how long for his bottle

Started by Melisa on 08/28/2012 in July 2009

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she has not done a poo in 5 days

can some one please tell me why my 1 and a half year old has npt done a poo in 5 days. me and her dad took her to see the doctor last night and is all they have told us to do...


Doesn't want solids!!! HELP!

My daughter was born at 26 weeks. She is now 9 months old (6 corrected) and up to this point has had no major issues. (THANK GOD) About 2 months ago I started giving her solids...


My 3 1/2 old has acid reflux!!

My DD is 3 1/2 and has acid refulx since birth. I have her on Nutrimagen and sit her up after feedings. I have tried prevacid and zantac both seemed to not help. I also put...


Two year old won't eat!

My daughter will not eat! It's not like she is picky or unhappy, she just doesn't want to eat. She will eat maybe one or two small things a day. She always tells me she isn't...