a 3 ingredient Chocolate Mousse cupcake recipe

Hello Everyone! My name is Melody and I have a blot www.poshappetite.blogspot.com and own a gourmet cupcakery. You can find me at www.facebook.com/ilovecoutureupcakes and...

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A lying 5 year old

My 5 year old is starting to tell lies and when I ask him why he tells me it's because he feels like it or he doesn't know. I have explained to him that lying is bad, I've tried...

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He is excited/ I'm freaking out but hopeful

So tell me what this sounds like, I'm nausea on and off, every now and then praying to the goddess of porcelain. I'm tired now more than usually. My friend mentioned sushi and I...

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Third Pregnancy Due in May

I am Pregnant for the third time now due in May and I get told by sister in law that being 27 almost 28 that it is totally normal to feel like getting out of bed is a chore...


Scarey to gain more weight the second time around

I gained 90lbs with my daughter cause of medical problems underweigh too. I am so scared I will end up gaining every more. I am at a healthy weight and no medical problems at...

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35wks & it smells sweet everytime I go pee...?

So every time I go pee, its plain to see that it is pee, I definitely went pee, but you can smell instantly that it smells sweet and when I wipe or change my undies in the...

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hi ladies my son is 8.5 months old and believe he is teething again. the first 4 were fine to come in and now he is totally different. he wont even nurse and just cries...

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What to do? So frustrated! ADHD/ODD

I live with my fiancé along with my toddler daughter and his 3 children ages 8 ( twins) and 12. The 12 year old has serious emotional issues stemming from his past. (bio mom...


What do you use that is disposable?

Do you try and avoid disposable products?....such as paper goods, diapers, and even some of how you choose to eat etc. and if you do use them what products do you use and do you...


Is my 1 year old weaning too fast??

My youndest dd was a year on the 17th and I have been letting her self wean even while working full time as I work at the daycare where my two girls attend. From starting back...

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What do I do?

My son is 16 going on 17 and has finished his AS exams after revising till very late into the night and is now off for 2 weeks. He has asked for his Xbox back , Do I give it...