hi ladies my son is 8.5 months old and believe he is teething again. the first 4 were fine to come in and now he is totally different. he wont even nurse and just cries...

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What to do? So frustrated! ADHD/ODD

I live with my fiancé along with my toddler daughter and his 3 children ages 8 ( twins) and 12. The 12 year old has serious emotional issues stemming from his past. (bio mom...


What do you use that is disposable?

Do you try and avoid disposable products?....such as paper goods, diapers, and even some of how you choose to eat etc. and if you do use them what products do you use and do you...


Is my 1 year old weaning too fast??

My youndest dd was a year on the 17th and I have been letting her self wean even while working full time as I work at the daycare where my two girls attend. From starting back...

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What do I do?

My son is 16 going on 17 and has finished his AS exams after revising till very late into the night and is now off for 2 weeks. He has asked for his Xbox back , Do I give it...


Your thoughts on Tandem feeding?

I'm nursing still and pregnant. My BF nurse said go for it, it's best for both of them. She said my son might want to ween because my milk will start to get salty. However, I...


Potty training....need HELP!!!

My son has been out of diapers since he turned 3 on April 10th (almost 4 months now). He had been using the toilet at least once a day since he turned 2 so I thought it was...


Please help?

I need help on ways to discipline my 6 years old daughter who will be 7 January. Please help?


My two year old cries every night at bed time...HELP

For as long as I remember my daughter would cry herself to sleep only about 5 min. so id say goodnight close the door she'd cry and I'd cringe. Now she's two and in a big girl...

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My son is 6y of age. With his check up at the paediatrician, they said he has ADHD. We have spoken to his teacher and she also confirms that he is easily distracted. We have...


my son is 3 1/2 with a bad behavior

Can someone give me some really good Discipline tips...My son is 3 1/2 he refuses to listen to Everyone he's constantly hitting the doctor diagnosed him with ADHD and impulsive...

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Lift/decrease in libido in pregnancy...

I was just wondering if you ladies experienced a lift or decrease in libido during your pregnancy and if you thought it was related to gender. I know traditionally they say a...