Good ideas for six year old sleepover?

MY daughter will be six in august and she wants a sleepover with six of her best friends... my problem is that i don't have that many ideas of what to do durign the party. any...

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Are Boy’s Easier To Potty Train ?

My Daughter Is 2 Will Be 3 In November & She'll Pee In The Potty All Day But Refuses To Poop In The Potty. She ALWAYS Comes To Me Afterwards & Let's Me Know She Just Pooped In...

Started by Tiffany on 07/23/2009 in Toddler Moms

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1st birthday

My son was born Dec 5th. We live in southwest Arkansas so we never know wut the weather is goin to be like here..December of 08 we rly didnt have a winter..so im not sure on wut...


Just looking!

I am looking for some interesting, tastey HEALTHY recipes for my kids, especially snacks. I don't want to say I don't belive in giving kids sugar but I'd like to cut the sugar...


Getting a 3 year old to bed

My daughter is having trouble going to bed at night without mommy in the room. We have a routine bath, teeth, book, prayers and bedtime, but lately she cries when I leave the...

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Husband jealous and hate your friends

My husband is a very jealous man when it comes to my friends. He knows them very well and I known my friends way before he came into my life. All of my friends are moms and we...


The Recession

Well the recession has finally hit our family :( We are finding it hard to stay on top of the debt, pay our bills, keep the car on the road and feed our family. How have you...

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My seventh month old is still brestfeeding. I would like to stop breastfeeding him because he is only using it to pacify himself to sleep. We do not agree with giving our...


feeding schedule for newborns

So my SIL had a baby sun night. And she is breasfeeding. And she is a first time mom like me. The baby slept for the first couple days and the hospital told her to wake him...


Tips for Jetlag?

We are taking our 16 month old to Australia (from California) at the end of this month. Can anyone share experiences with jetlag and their toddler? We've only been to Hawaii...



Hi! Glad to see everyone on here! Looks like some topics I am definitely interestd in! I have a 6 1/2 year old daughter in 1st grade and Anya is our March 2008 baby at 19 mos -...

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Birthday party game ideas?

So my daughters birthday is the 28th, were having her party on the 27th and shes said that she wants to play games but I cant think of to many things.. Theres not going to be...


Late Diagnosis of Silent Reflux

My baby girl is 11 months old and just last month, I finally asked our family doctor if she might have silent reflux. She agreed she did, put her on a very low dose of Zantac,...