Hi need help with health issues

Hi my son is 4yrs he does not eat soild foods he more like a baby then a 4yr he was digonis with cerepal palsy and brain defiency we have to this today heard why done been too...


how to fix constipation in babies

My 7 month old son has always been constipated and struggles to pass his stools. He has been on Enfamil formula. IS there another formula anyone may recommend that works for...

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The healthiest chocolate recipe ever!!

2 Avocados 1/2 cup Agave Syrup (or Maple, Stevia, honey, etc, whatever your favourite sweetener is, just adjust amounts accordingly) 1/2 cup organic cocoa powder Vanilla...

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Got milk?!?

My son is almost one. I have nursed him exclusively since he was born. He has been eating food since he was 6 months. We take the more natural route and are trying to stay...


17 months after depo ttc

I have been off depo since Jan 2011 and I came on my period 4 months after that. It has been 17 months now since my last shot I went to the doctor (OBGYN) he said I should start...


regarding diet for eight months bay

hi ths anusha, my babyboy was eight months old .we are giving him milk ,rice,cerelac,banana,biscuits.he will eat them with very interest and he likes to eat...


Colicky till when?

My 5 months old baby girl still shows signs of colic pains. Is it actually colic or other stomach pains. I believe its still colic, but she doesnt get as fussy as she used to...


should i wake my baby up

my daughter is 4 months, she goes to sleep between 7.30pm - 8.00pm, i have been waking her up at 6.00am for a bottle, but everyone is telling me to just leave her to wake up on...