Getting Kids Involved in Your Green Choices

So, I was wondering, how do you get your children involved with your environmentally friendly choices? My kids love to help sort the recycling and love picking out fresh...

Started by Natalie on 01/26/2009 in Green Moms

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My 8 month old has heartburn.

Anyone have any ideas to sooth her between doses of medicine. She screams in pain some days and I'm not sure how to help her.

Started by Heather- on 01/26/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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Toddler blowing her nose

Here is a random question. My 12 month old has a cold and it got me thinking, how old to toddlers start learning to blow their nose? Are there any hints of how to teach them?

Started by Lanie on 01/28/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Getting a Toddler to Eat

My little boy will not eat anything besides bread, cheese, yogurt, and anything that is bad for him. I would like for him to eat more fruits and veggies, Can someone please...


underlying medical concerns

Every time I search the internet about underweight children the pages I find state that "if there is no underlying medical concern" but never state what medical problems might...


new to greenville area

hey everyone, i just moved up to greenville/taylors area and have 3 young children and 2 older step children. im a stay at home mom right now hoping to go back to work. but i am...


Urine scald vs yeast infection?

My 5 year old daughter is very red & irritated down there both on the outer area as well as the inner. Some times there is a discharge but mostly not. I have increased her...

Started by Alicia on 01/31/2009 in Children Of 2006

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Scrapbook Bed & Breakfast

I spent the weekend at Creative Hearts Inn, a new bed and breakfast designed especially for scrapbooker's/crafter's. It is outside of Des Moines, Iowa, and worth the drive if...

Started by Leann on 02/02/2009 in Scrapbooking Moms

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picky little boy!!!!

My 17mth old son went from eating pretty much anything to shaking his head NO to everything.. Also when is it ok to give peanut butter to kids??? Help!!! :)


pre-schooler in the kitchen

I enjoy giving my daughter small things to do int he kitchen while we prepare a meal or snack. For instance tonight's dinner included a salad I washed the veggie for it then let...



Hello ladies My name is Tanya and I'm a stay at home mom with a sweet daughter who's 3. I've truly enjoy this group as I'm a mom with only one! She's my joy!! I've began a new...



Ok this may of been done or talked about before and I could have missed it. I am starting my little one on solid foods and she seems to do fine until I gave her a farley cookie...