Hi! Glad to see everyone on here! Looks like some topics I am definitely interestd in! I have a 6 1/2 year old daughter in 1st grade and Anya is our March 2008 baby at 19 mos -...

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Birthday party game ideas?

So my daughters birthday is the 28th, were having her party on the 27th and shes said that she wants to play games but I cant think of to many things.. Theres not going to be...


What do you do for a hyper child?

My son is always hyper. You ask him to sit down and he cannot sit for more than two minutes even when his favorite movie (Wall-E) is on. He still runs around, with his eyes on...


Baby won't sleep!!

My child has severe colic, constantly restless, a major task getting him to nap during day, wakes numerous times nightly-tried EVERYTHING!!!! He only falls back asleep while...

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should i worry about my babys weight

my little girl is 11 weeks old now and at 8 weeks only weighed 8lb 13 oz heath visitors want me to go back every 2 weeks to keep and eye on her weight gain she has all the...

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Baby Shower idea

My best friend is due in March and I want to throw her a wonderful baby shower. I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas for games, foods, themes or anything really? For...



I used to be a pre-school teacher for 18 yrs before I had my son. I am now a stay at home mom with 1 child. I do the shopping, laundry, carpools, homework, housework and I get...

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help me please!!!!

my baby is 7 months old and i believe she is teethin....she has a cough runny nose, fever of 100.9...i have been givin her tylenol for pain...today is the first day for the...


Teething troubles

My 14month yr old is teething and hasnt been eating properly in two weeks, lost weight etc,the last couple of days have been really bad as he has had a fever, crying at night,...


Growth Spurt?

Jaelyn turns six months today and I Think she might be going througha growth spurt. Lately she has been eating a six oz. bottle of her soy formula and half container of the step...

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2yr old tantrums

It is a nightmare to go into a store with my son he doesn't like to get into the shopping cart he screams even if I distracted him with a snack. Very frustrating...Anyone out...


weaning off breastmilk?

my girl is almost 11 mths and i'm preparing to return to wk so i'm trying to get her off breastmilk. i've already dropped 2 feeds in the day and continue to breastfeed her at...


behavioral problems

my thirteen old son has severe behavioral issues acts out speaks out and yells back at my husband and myself we just dont know what to do anymore

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potty training help

hello mine names kimberley and mine son leo is two im wondering if anybody has got any tips on how too potty train my little boy

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My 2 1/2 year old throws tantrums over EVERYTHING! When we don't give him his food or drinks the right way, when he wants to watch tv when we think he's had enough, when he...

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Playing up when daddy's not around

My daughter Chiara is a daddy's girl but daddy has just got a new job with an immediate start,he will be working 40 hours a week and yesterday was my first test.. and it did NOT...

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