how can i wean baby off breast?

my baby is 7 months old now and eats 3 huge meals a day, but isnt interested in any fluid other then breast milk, i have tried water, diluted juice, expressed milk and 2 types...


Can I have advice on getting a 2 year old to nap?

My little girl has started to fight taking naps at 2 years old and I was hoping she'd take them until she was 3. I usually always give her a big snack or make sure she has a...

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Should I Increasing wage?

Hello Ladies, I need to know what you pay for daycare or day home services. I run a little dayhome from my residence, and am considering increasing the price. The reason for...


So...Netiquette and Circle of Moms.

I recently enrolled in school with University of Phoenix..our Orientation had an assignment based on "Netiquette." The actual assignment, "Have you ever had an experience with...


Is my 3 month old eating enough?

My 3 month old only eats about 12 oz a day. She seems happy but she does not want to eat, she fights the breast and the bottle. During a 10 hr day at the daycare, she only...


Destructive Behaviour

My little boys father and I are no longer together. His father has anger issues and every weekend after I pick my son up I can see the difference in his behaviour instantly. Im...


How does traveling affect the kids?

My husband travels weekly. When he's home he's at the office sometimes until after the girls are in bed. They are always asking where he is. Even when he's in town. Frequently...


How do I handle an undermining Grandpa?

My husband and I are in the process of moving to a new state, and while we are on the house hunt, I have been staying with his parents while he is training in Indiana. My...

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A lying 5 year old

My 5 year old is starting to tell lies and when I ask him why he tells me it's because he feels like it or he doesn't know. I have explained to him that lying is bad, I've tried...

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Third Pregnancy Due in May

I am Pregnant for the third time now due in May and I get told by sister in law that being 27 almost 28 that it is totally normal to feel like getting out of bed is a chore...