Do the baby worrys ever let up?

My beautiful son Jackson will be 7 this May, and I swear I still get up probably 5 times during the night too make sure he is covered up and still breathing. I just wake up out...


Potty traing???

I have a 2 1/2 year old girl, who when around other people says "I need to go potty", but when it is just us dose not let me know when she needs to go. How do I handle this...

Started by Moffittmisty78 on 04/20/2016 in Toddler Moms

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how can you tell a miscarriage?

my twin daughters Brylee and Brynne were born on 2/11/16 and i was pregnant again the entire month of march and today i think i had my period. in the morning it was light...



HI Everyone, perhaps this sounds like a small issue however I keep saying to my kids/18next week and 20 that it is not nice to swear all the time. I may not be innocent of ever...


Baby daddy issues

Does anyone else have trouble getting their baby daddy to understand them? Like I can't explain to him enough that being apart of his kids life is important I really could u...


Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

We had an interesting situation happen tonight with my husbands daughter (13 years old) and her mom (the ex). My step daughter was picked up by us today for the weekend, and...

Started by Heathermparnham on 05/28/2016 in Second Wives Club

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Need help with anger towards my kids

Hi. I have twins who will be 2 in a couple months. I love them more than anything in this world and most of the time I think I'm a really good mom. I'm a single mom and their...

Started by Natalie on 06/01/2016 in Twins

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Need some advice - spanking a 7 year old girl

Hi, moms 4 discipline, I need some advice! I have a 7 year old girl, (Jenna) and for awhile now, I have been swatting her bottom when she is disobedient, disrespectful, etc. It...

Started by Claire on 06/23/2016 in Mom's 4 Discipline

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Family fighting

I'm a single mother of three children and their father doesn't allow doesn't step in to do anything to help anything he says it is rules are he doesn't follow anything once...

Started by Melissa on 07/11/2016 in Moms Of Teenagers

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New mommy

Hi I am a new mom!! My baby girl is 6 weeks old and I have loved staying home with her. I have about 6 more weeks left of my maternity leave. Then I have to go back to school. I...

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coming clean

*Okay, I must come clean. I have been accused of presenting myself under false pre-tenses. I am not an "official" step-mom. As I am not "officially" married to my partner. We...