My name is Desirae I'm 6 months pregnant and this is my first baby. I am having a little girl and pretty scared because this is going to be a big change in my young life that...


My Sons 3rd Birthday What to do?

Hi my Son birthday is coming up in the middle of November and i just don't know what to do for it. If i have a party in my house it will be just sweets and cake as i can't...


Any suggestions on 6 yr old behavior?

Ok here is the story.. Me and my boyfriend got together when his oldest was 3. She gas always had little normal temper tantrums but the last 6 months or so have become...

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In desprate need of something....

I hate complaining and I love my children and being a SAHM but I feel like something is wrong with me I am just so irrateded all the time and tired so very tired and I feel like...

Started by Whittney on 10/29/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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20 month old b/g twin

Hi I’m a mom of a 20 month old b/g twin and I was wondering if it is true that twin toddles need more time to start talking. They have created there own language as expected...

Started by Nathalie on 11/15/2011 in Twins

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What are the chances of having twins again?

I had identical girls in June 2010. I know identical twins aren't hereditary, but my grandmother is a faternal twin. So I want to know what my chances are of having faternal...

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Baby #2???

Hi I'm 21 years old and i have a three year old im am debating weather or not is time to have baby #2 im kinda scared of what my family and friends would say am i too young to...

Started by Claudia on 11/27/2011 in Moms Under 30

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why does my son hate his crib??

i neeed help with putting my son to sleep.. hes born march 30 2010...and he refuses to sleep in this crib. we have a mattress in the living room where we usually cuddle and both...

Started by Sylvia on 11/30/2011 in March 2010 Babies

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