extending patience

ellen parayno here, from mondays to thursdays i teach college students from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm. I have fridays to prepare for my graduate class (which is every saturdays). so...

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Was your adoption open or closed?

I was adopted in 1973 when the process was very much closed. Once you were born, the mother was not allowed to see or hold you and babies were kept by nurses until given to...

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breastfeeding and yeast infection

I have had a yeast infection in my breast for over a month now. My 2 month old does not have symptoms of thrush, but I am having the burning pain and sore nipples. We have...


Step Daughter wanting to move in

Well in the last month or so things have really changed my step daughter has asked numerous times to move in.. Her BM has pushed her older sister down the steps and yells and...

Started by Heather on 04/15/2009 in Step Moms

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19 month old and a new baby soon

Hi everyone! I am the mother of a wild 19 month old who will be just 20 months when his little brother is born and I know I will have lots of questions when the new baby...


support forums

Hello Ladies! I just found the Global Pastors Wives Network gpwn.org. It is a great place with a lot of really great resources. It also has a new feature of support forums. I...

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Please feel free to introduce yourself :)


My baby girl:)

My daughter Carly Rae was born November 2, 2008. She shares my middle, my first name is Rebecca. She is a content baby, she smiles when she wakes up and cries only when she's...



Okay, so I knew (and dreaded) that when teething time came, we'd have to make certain changes... but I don't know what they are. Joey, (five months old) has two bottom teeth...

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where do i start

ive always thought about being a surrogate. even befor having children of my own. I now have two beautiful healthy children of my own. I am now even more intrested and wanting...

Started by Sarah-jayne on 04/24/2009 in Surrogate Moms

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Virtual Friends vs. IRL Friends

Do you have more virtual friends than real life friends? I do. I have a group of online friends who are like-minded and in the same stage in their life. My local friends all...


Ear Infections and remedies

My chiropractor recommended garlic and olive oil spread on the feet at bedtime as a remedy for ear infections. Has anyone heard of this, and does it really work?