Am I doing the right thing?

My son is 11 years old now and wasn't offically diagnosed until he was in 1st grade. We knew he had it but the doctors kept telling me he was too young to be tested. We first...


Sleeping on his tummy.

Kaleb's 23 weeks and he rolls over on his tummy while he sleeps. Am I wrong for putting him back on his back? I'm really not ready for. I am a believer of SID's. When is it ok?



im a mom of 3 kids and a husaband but still seems like life is hard everything seems likes its tumbling down i dont feel like sexually attractive anymore some times i just have...


when should I wean my daughter off her bottle?

My daughter is still on her bottle and she doesn't seem too interested in cups, even those with rubber tops. My doctor said she needed to be off the bottle by her first birthday...

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Weaning Off Breast Milk?? Or Let LO Decide?

My son is 13 months and I'm a first time mom. I love BF but I'm arguing with myself about weaning my LO off. He mainly drinks when his ready for a nap or bed and pacifies during...

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Hi Anna's always been so good with taking them (emptied and sprinkled onto a teaspoon with juice) but for the past couple of days has changed her mind, and no convincing will...


Milk Allergy

I was wondering if there are any moms out there that can recommend milk substitutes. My six year old has recently had milk protien confirmed as an allergy. This means he can...


Wanting to have my third child

I would love to have my third child with my husband but not sure if its the right time. I have two boys now and the ages are two years old and three years old. I am in school...


How to deal with angry Grandparents?

My husband and I have had some big problems for almost a year now. We are seperated, and our boys 10 and 12 are still very much involved with their dad. We have told them that...


Playdate/ Social Interactive suggestions??

Does anyone know about any interactive class or parks that i can take my 18 month old to and one that won't cost me an arm and a leg? I don't know other moms where i am to set...

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