My name is Valerie and I have 4 boys. Their ages are 23,25,26 and 28. Phew....dont know how I did it but I did! I'm surprised I'm still sane. Been taking care of them the last...

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I need a good schedule for my 5 month old.

He is 5 months old and breastfeeding. This is my first child and unfortunatly I didn't go a good job letting him "self soothe" because I would go to him for every little noise...


panic and worry

I lost my 25 year old son 3 1/2 weeks ago, I had a few minutes of panic this morning over the thought of losing one of my daughters. I have 2 girls ages 30 and 28, if something...


This may be a silly question...

Ok, I have a fear of vomitting lol as silly as that sounds. I HATE it! If someone has the flu with vomitting I stay far away. And now, since I've had my daughter I'm even more...

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People who interfere

This is not aimed at anyone giving advice - I listen to any helpful advice given :) I have mother-in-law-to-be who constantly tries to tell me what to do and it gets on my...



I need to lose weight and am curious as to what healthy diets anyone has had success may be. I am nursing, so I need to be realistic, but my baby is seven months old now and I...

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Hair Industry

I was just wondering if there are any other moms that work or used to be a hairstylist? I have been off of work for nearly 15 months and just went back to work part time last...

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Troubled SS is driving me insane!!

I will feel you all in briefly of my life with my 2 SKs. I have a 20 yr old SD and a troubled 18 yr old SS. Their dad and I have a 10 yr old son together. Approx. 7 yrs ago, my...

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Naps and teething and gin and tonics...

Thought that would catch someone's eye! So here's where we're at in the craziness of 8 1/2 months. Etta's teething, pretty wildly I assume, and I fear that everything I have...

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1st year anniversery

we are nearing a year since we found out my daughter megan was diabetic, and all of a sudden all of the sad feelings are coming back again, we are so sick of all the blood...


help!!! need dicipline techniques for a 4 yr old

my daughter will be 5 in a couple of weeks and despite having a routine, predictability, a good diet and using time outs she is still out of control. she has been diagnosed with...

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Should I allow unsupervised visitation?

My ex and I have a 14 month old son together. Before I got pregnant I was aware of a drug habit that he had, and did everything in my power to help him overcome it. When we...

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My 9 year old daughter

My daughter has been struggling in school since kindergarten and was held back this last year to repeat 2nd grade. Her reading has improved but we still need to work on that. I...

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Weaning??? to or not to??

My daughter has just turned one (she is my second). I breastfed my 1st till she was 16months and wanted to do the same with my second, if not longer She is feeding all night...

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THAT is not cute!!

Don't get me wrong. I love my husband and he is super hands on when it comes to his 3 year old daughter. But lately SD has been extra rude to everyone and he thinks it's cute....

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