I am posting this little note here because I want all my friends to see exactly what I am posting, without it getting twisted around again. When I responded about the paternity...

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rough boys

i have a boy who will be 6 in a month. He seems very aggressive. He yells and trows fits over nothing all the time. he also plays really rough with his friends... suck as...


New Life!!

Well... i knew being a new mom would be different but this is nothing i ever expected!! No more sleep at all!! everything is just totally different! dont get me wrong i love...

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Doesn't really care about food

My son is 7 months old and really has no interest in food and would be perfectly happy not eating solids. I know its imporant for him to get the nutrients but I have to trick...


have i created a monster?

since my eight month old was born, i have BF him to sleep, for both nap times, and bed time. He sleeps fine, perfect at night, for about 7-9 hours a night. Im able to BF him to...

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Sleeping through the night!!!

My son still hasn't slept the whole night through. Do any other moms have this problem? Shouldn't he be sleeping through the night by now? I feed him solids too but that doesn't...



My 8 month old is due for his shots. I just get sick to my stomach every time we have to do this. I hate the fact that a Medical Asst. who has had a few months of training draws...


ladies, tell me how you do it?

I just turned 41 this May. I have a 13 y/o, 9y/o, 3y/o and a 6m/o. all girls and as you see all stages of life. I'm blessed to be married for 22 years b/c if I were not, I don't...

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Son going to be a freshman in high school

My son is going to be a freshman in high school this year, and his new school is enormous! There are almost 3,000 students. He has a learning disability, he is slow to process...

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Sending my 2yr old to her father's house

i guess my biggest problem is that his new girlfriend doesn't have custody of her 2 children and i don't feel comfortable with my daughter being taken care of by someone who...

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Two and a terrible hitter..

My son just turned two in May and he hits kicks like no other. It's very frusterating and a hard thing to break! If he doesn't stop he'll get kicked out of day care. He's just...

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Any one else with a child who has to get tubes in their ears? My daughter is going in two weeks to get tubes and I am starting to get very nervous. I know it will be for the...


infant swimming

hi everyone :) my son is 8months old today, he has been crawling and standing up (pulling himself up) for about 2 weeks. i would like to eventually enroll him in some sort of...

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Hey, we have eating problems?!

My daughter is 16 months old and she do not want to eat! She eats a little portion at a time. So, for that she could get enough food during the day I have to give her food in...

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Rolling Over

Kylei is 4 1/2 months old and she hasn't even tried to roll over yet. Any suggestions to encourage it. I thought babies roll about 3-4 months? Maybe im just a paranoid mom lol.

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Living far away

Anybody live away from their grandbabies and it breaks your heart! That's me!