Breastfeeding help!

I have been breastfeeding my son exclusively since he was born, but sadly my supply is getting low. I recently started taking Fenugreek in the hopes that this will help. I'm...

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Skin tone of two mix parents

What skin tone would my newborn have. I'm mixed with hawiian,Tahitian and Samoan on my dad side . and on my mother side Chamorro and black my skin tone is like Beyoncé. My...


I think they ran away with my daughter!!

Warm greetings to all the hard working moms here. First of all, i'm not a mom, i'm a dad. My ex-girlfriend and I met in china when she was teaching english here together with...

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please help

I'm 20 single mom getting ready to have a baby girl and have no help and have nothing for her if anyone knows any one or place that can help with free baby stuff please let me...

Started by Khristian on 01/13/2015 in Moms Under 30

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Hi..i had preeclampsia in 2013 Sep,nd I had a preemie nd lost her,I had vertical c-section,now I want to try again,is it safe?16months post cesarean section.


Extras Cash

I've been enjoying extra cash these days! Working, home and all over again takes it toll but my newest venture prayerfully will propel me to be able to be home more! I didn't...

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Good days/bad days

I lost my mom when I was 39 just 2 month after my husband and I got married. It was hard but at the time I never really thought I would have children being that I was 39 going...

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Need a Nanny

Hi to all you Moms, My name is Nicole and I am a Nanny who is looking for work. My Family that I worked for moved to London. I have worked for this family for 8 years in Park...


3 month old baby

Ok, moms so my 3 month old baby is still crying alot I do everything but he still cries is that normal or what should I do ??? Help please...


Work at home jobs

I make money that's great but I need some extra income My boyfriend is taking care of his Korean parents who are still homesick so he's trying to help them so a little extra...